September Cover Story: Moon Bloodgood Takes On a New Role, Motherhood
Author: KoreAm
Posted: September 17th, 2012
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Sun-Kissed Moon

Falling Skies star Moon Bloodgood welcomes KoreAm into her L.A. home. With her just-renewed series, a critically acclaimed indie film, a loving husband of one year and a baby on the way (plus her ever-proud mom always nearby), the actress shares that, at 37, she’s happier than she’s ever been.


Moon Bloodgood’s mother Sang Cha greets me at the gate leading into the front yard of her daughter’s Venice bungalow. I’m not surprised to see her here. Five years ago, when Bloodgood last graced the cover of KoreAm, Sang Cha was present for the cover shoot, which portrayed Moon as an elegant starlet in Hollywood’s Golden Era. In that article, Moon, then in the midst of filming What Just Happened, starring Robert De Niro, was reflective about her sometimes difficult childhood in Orange County. She talked about being raised in poverty with her older sister, Caitlin, by her immigrant mother who divorced Bloodgood’s Dutch-Irish father when she was 3.

This time around, the 37-year-old actress is very much focused on the near future with a baby—her first with husband Grady Hall, whom she married last August—due in early December and a critically acclaimed film, The Sessions—in which she co-stars with Oscar-nominated/ winning actors John Hawkes, William H. Macy and Helen Hunt—set to premiere on Oct. 26. Moon—pun intended—has certainly entered a crucial phase in her life and career.

As I wait in the living room, she emerges from the back bedroom after an afternoon nap. She is five-and-a-half months pregnant, her hair is tousled, her baby bump protrudes from a loose cotton dress, she’s not wearing any makeup, and she practically glows. Her skin radiates; her sun-bleached hair casts an aura; and she exudes a yogi’s contentedness. There’s so much hormone-induced magic in the room, I could spontaneously lactate. Continue Reading »

Tuesday’s Link Attack: North Korean Hackers, Kelly Choi, Korean Food
Y. Peter Kang
Author: Y. Peter Kang
Posted: June 21st, 2011
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North Korea Recruits Hackers at School
Al Jazeera

Two defectors: a former hacker and a hacking teacher say North Korea is shoring up its cyber-warfare units to battle its southern rival as well as the United States.

Following an expedited two-year program at university, students are sent to China or Russia for about one year to solidify their knowledge of hacking and and other technical skills. After the overseas training, they are placed in various warfare units to serve as “cyber-warriors”, Kim said.

The publication said the cyber-warfare unit had its agency status upgraded last year which prompted a boost in hackers from 500 to approximately 3,000.

These “cyberwarriors” are provided with the best environment, and if they graduate with top grades, their parents in the provinces are given the opportunity to live in Pyongyang, Kim said, citing verified information from his former students who are still operating as hackers in the North.

Photo via Al Jazeera

Korea’s Food Identity Crisis
Toronto Star

The Toronto Star‘s food editor published a long piece on the country’s food “quandary” as the government seeks to promote global popularity on the scale of China and Japan.

“There’s a disconnect between what the Korean government is trying to promote and what people are eating at home.”

Photo via Toronto Star

‘Secrets of New York’ host Kelly Choi likes digging deep into forgotten stories of the city
New York Daily News

Kelly Choi is hosting a new show on NYC TV called Secrets of New York, which uses archival photos and vintage footage to tell stories about New York City that you might have forgotten about.

Choi may be best-known for her work in the food arena, first as host of “Eat Out New York” on NYC and Bravo’s “Top Chef.” On “Secrets,” though, Choi conveys a mysterious image by wearing black, thanks to help from designer Natalia Danilova.

“I’m imparting that information in an intriguing way,” she says. “I purposely wear a deep red lipstick. I appreciate the visual aspect. Whatever works to get me in the mood for that, I’m open to.”

Photo via NY Daily News

Norristown eyed as potential location for South Korean university (video)
The Times Herald (Pa.)

South Korea’s Dongseo University is considering opening up an annex campus in Pennsylvania.

Congressman Jim Gerlach and Montgomery County Commissioners Joe Hoeffel and Bruce Castor were among those who convened on Monday afternoon to show their support for an East Coast annex of the major private university in South Korea that provides education in a wide spectrum of majors including IT, Film & Image, Design, Engineering and Communication.

Tumblr Founder Loves Kim Jong Il Blog

The founder of the popular publishing tool was profiled by CNN and mentioned that one of his favorite blogs is Kim Jong Il Looking at Things. It’s exactly what you would expect. Pretty hilarious, actually.

‘Maria the Korean Bride’ married 50 times in every State
International Business Times

Performance artist Maria Yoon staged mock weddings in all 50 states. Continue Reading »

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