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U.S. Remakes of ‘My Love From Another Star’ and ‘Nine’ Likely to Be Shelved

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

ABC and NBC recently announced their television show lineup for the 2015-16 season, and the U.S. remakes of Korean dramas My Love From Another Star and Nine were not included.

Sony Pictures Television has been developing the remake of My Love From Another Star for ABC since last February, with The Vampire Diaries writers Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft attached to the project. The original drama’s creator Park Ji-eun was also recruited to be the executive producer of the anticipated remake. However, with ABC’s recent announcement, the My Love From Another Star remake seems to have come to a halt. HB Entertainment, the production company behind the original Korean series, said there has been no updated schedule for the remake’s release, according to DramaFever.

Meanwhile, time-travel thriller Nine has been in development since October 2013, when it was first picked up by Fake Empire Productions, the company that produced hit American TV series Gossip Girl and Chuck. Kim Yun-jin of Lost was also attached to the project to help introduce the K-drama to American audiences. Unfotunately, ABC canceled its pilot order for Nine before the pilot episode could be filmed.

CJ E&M, the Korean production company behind Nine, said in a statement, “America’s system of producing dramas is not fast. Currently, there are around 300-500 shows being planned annually. Of those shows only five percent end up getting aired. Securing a pilot for Nine failed. We are not sure what will happen. We still only have a script.”

There are other Korean dramas that are in the works for an American remake. FOX bought the rights for Answer Me 1997 back in July while CBS picked up Good Doctor, which is being executive produced by Daniel Dae Kim. God’s Gift – 14 Days most recently finalized a deal with Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to produce the American remake.


Featured image via Soompi

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K-drama ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’ to Get a Hollywood Remake

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

The Hollywood trend of adapting Korean dramas into American TV shows continues, with SBS’s God’s Gift – 14 Days becoming the latest K-drama to join the remake bandwagon.

God’s Gift – 14 Days is a time-travel thriller that stars Lee Bo-young as a mother who loses her daughter to kidnapping and murder. When she suddenly gains the ability to travel 14 days back in time, she struggles to prevent the tragedy from taking place.

According to DramaFever, Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency (CAA) recently finalized a deal with SBS to remake the drama. The original drama’s screenwriter Choi Ran, who also penned the popular period-action drama Iljimae, will serve as the executive producer for the American remake. However, it’s uncertain whether or not the remake will have a limited number of episodes as the original Korean drama did.

God’s Gift is one of several K-dramas to have an adaptation in the works for a major American television network. Last year, My Love from Another Star was picked up in by ABC while coming-of-age drama Answer Me 1997 was picked up by FOX. CBS also bought the remake rights to Good Doctor, which is being executive produced by Daniel Dae Kim.

While Hallyu fans may be skeptical about the outcome of a Hollywood remake, CAA has a great television track record, as it represents A-list actors, writers and directors for big-name shows, including 30 Rock, House, Lost and CSI. With its vast resources, CAA might just do the original series justice.

You can watch the trailer for the original Korean drama below:


Feaured image via God’s Gift – 14 Days’ Facebook page

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Lesbian Kiss on Korean Drama Causes Stir in South Korea

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

JTBC’s drama Seonam Girls High School Investigators caused a stir when it aired a kiss scene between two lesbian students on Feb. 25, report Agence France-Presse.

In the scene, two female high school students share a passionate kiss in the library before they end their relationship, afraid that they will be judged for their sexual orientation. It was reportedly the first kiss between two female characters to be broadcasted on South Korean television.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) said on Friday that it had received complaints about the scene from conservative viewers and were investigating the matter.

“We will decide whether this is an issue after we look into it, and whether there is any violation of broadcast policy,” the commission said in a statement.

Although homosexuality is not illegal in South Korea, it still remains a highly controversial subject due to the country’s deep roots in Confucian and Protestant ethics. As a result, there are only a few openly gay public figures Korea, such as actor Hong Seok-chan, who was immediately fired from his prime-time network shows after publicly coming out in 2000.

However, the landscape of South Korea’s television industry is slowly changing as its dramas and variety shows continue to gain popularity worldwide. According to AFP, a few drama productions have already begun tackling culturally sensitive issues, such as teen pregnancy and homosexuality. Earlier this month, MBC’s Kill Me, Heal Me included a kiss scene between Ji Sung and Park Seo-joon, though, the kiss was mostly for comedic effect.

An unidentified representative of Seonam Girls High School Investigators explained that homosexuality was the first topic the producer Yeo Woon-hyuk wanted to broach. He said, “[Yeo] of course worried about the reaction to the scene, but ultimately decided that it was a topic that needed to be discussed.”

The representative also added that the production team included the kiss scene because they wanted to address the unfair treatment gay students face in their classrooms.

“We do not believe it is our prerogative to judge whether these students are right or wrong. We therefore went ahead with the scene in the hopes that diversity can be accepted and embraced,” the representative said.

The scene has triggered a mixed response from Korean netizens. While there were some conservative viewers who expressed their distaste for the kiss scene, many commenters supported it, arguing that there have been more controversial scenes in the history of Korean television.

“I like how the KCSC will let cancer, affairs, pre-marital pregnancies, and divorce dramas all pass but gay love makes them shake in their boots,” one commenter wrote, according to Gay Star News.

Another commenter wrote, “It’s not even a bed scene, it’s just a kiss scene. Are they saying that it’s more erotic because it’s done by two females? The public, major broadcast station was even airing a bed scene between high school students and them having a baby, why doesn’t the Commission review that instead?”

Others pointed out that if two men could kiss on dramas without repercussion, then women should be able to do so as well.

“If male actors had done a kiss scene, would the Commission be looking into this? Why is it that men can kiss each other but when women kiss one another it becomes an issue?” one netizen wrote.

The Seonam Girls High School Investigators controversy comes after South Korea’s Constitutional Court abolished an adultery ban, which had been criminalizing extramarital affairs for 62 years.


Featured image via AFP/JTBC

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Winners of the 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

The Third Annual DramaFever Awards took place at the Hudson Theater in New York City on Feb. 6. It was a star-studded night with actors, musicians and entertainers from Asia and the U.S., including Kim Jong-kook, 5urprise, Yuki Furukawa, Seo Kang-joon, Arden Cho and George Hu.

The winners of all 13 categories were voted by fans on DramFever’s website, with more than 1.5 million votes casted. Here are the winners of this year’s DramaFever Awards.

Best Actor: Jo In-sung of It’s Okay, That’s Love

Best Actress: Song Ji-hyo of Emergency Couple

Best Korean Drama: Emergency Couple

Best Japanese Drama: Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo

Best Chinese-language Drama: Fall in Love with Me

Best Movie: Secretly Greatly

Best Variety Show: Running Man

Rising Star: Lee Jong-shin of Temptation

Best Couple: Furukawa Yuki and Miki Honoka in Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo

Best Kiss: Gong Hyo-jin and Jo In-sung in It’s Okay, That’s Love

Best Bromance: Joo Sang-wook and Seo Kang-joon in Sly and Single Again

Toyota Camry Boldest Moment: Emergency Couple

Fan Favorite: It’s Okay, That’s Love

Founded in 2009, DramaFever is a video streaming website that provides subtitled Asian dramas, films, television shows and documentaries. In 2013, the company reported that over 80 percent of its estimated 3.5 million unique visitors are non-Asian. The website is currently aiming to include Spanish and Latin American programming.


Featured photo via DramaFever.

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Dara of 2NE1 and Kim Young-kwang to Star in Web Drama

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

Kim Young-kwang and 2NE1’s Sandara Park will be starring in the upcoming Chinese-Korean web drama Dr. Mo Clinic, according to Star News.

Dr. Mo Clinic follows the story of a psychiatrist and hypnotherapist named Mo Ian, who specializes in helping his patients heal from painful memories of love. Throughout the web drama, Dr. Mo treats a woman named Lee So-dam, who seeks his counsel to help cope with her devastating breakup. In the process of treating her, the therapist finds himself healing from his own traumatic experiences.

Kim Young-kwang will play the titular role of Dr. Mo while Dara will portray the eccentric Lee So-dam. This is the first drama Dara has been cast as the female lead, according to YG Entertainment.

“I’m taking this as my first challenge in acting, so I want to steadily learn and grow as an actress, taking things one step at a time,” Dara said through an agency representative. “I think web dramas are a new genre with great merit because we can share our work online and meet fans overseas.”

She added, “I was intrigued by the character because she seemed so similar to me. Although I feel nervous and pressured, I want to work hard, focus and do my best.”

Dr. Mo Clinic is also generating buzz for being directed by Kwon Hyuk-chan, the director of the wildly popular series Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and The Master’s Sun.

Filming will commence in February. As a Chinese-Korean joint project, the web drama will be air simultaneously on Korea’s Naver TVCast and on China’s drama website Youku in March.


Image courtesy of KDramaStars.com


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julien kang

Julien Kang Found Loitering the Streets in Underwear, Tested for Drug Use


French-born actor and model Julien Kang was found loitering the streets of Gangnam in his underwear on Sept. 18 and was tested for drug use by the Seoul Police, reported Yonhap.


Police found Kang approximately 1 kilometer away from his home at 3 p.m. and was reportedly wearing only his undershirt and underwear. The actor was said to be in a noticeably disoriented state of mind.

After Kang was taken into custody, the actor told the police that he’d been out drinking from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. the night before and had no recollection of what happened after he returned home, adding that he could not understand his own behavior.

The police tested Kang for drug use on Sept. 24, but the result came out negative. However, the police have put in a request to the National Forensic Service for a more precise test earlier today.

Kang’s management company, Show Brothers Entertainment, denied any drug use involved and disputed details of the witness’s account to multiple Korean media outlets.

“[Julien Kang] was in a club with a group of acquaintances and he didn’t want to refuse drinks offered to him. He kept drinking despite having a low tolerance, and the next thing he knew, he had lost control,” an agency rep told media outlet TV Report. “As far as we are concerned, the case is now closed.”


ABC to Adapt Korean Drama ‘My Love From Another Star’


Another Korean show is getting the Hollywood treatment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is planning to remake the fantasy Korean drama series My Love From Another Star. The network has already made a script commitment with penalty, which means that the writer will be paid a fee if the pilot is not produced.

Airing from December to February in Korea, the original series starred Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun, who won the grand prize at this year’s Baeksang Arts Awards. The drama was incredibly popular all over Asia, especially in China, where the show accumulated more than 2.5 billion streams during its three-month run.


ABC describes their remake as an “epic supernatural love story about a world-famous pop star, Lark, and her anti-social neighbor, James, who happens to be from another planet.” When James receives a premonition of Lark’s murder, he reluctantly intervenes in the haughty starlet’s life and inevitably falls in love with her — just as he finally gets the chance to return to his home planet, according to THR.

The creator of the original series, Park Ji-Eun, is reportedly on board to executive produce alongside Moon Bomi of HB Entertainment, the production company behind the Korean format. HB Entertainment and EnterMedia Contents will also be producing the ABC adaptation in association with Sony Pictures Television. In addition, the writing duo Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain (The 100, The Vampire Diaries, Dollhouse) will pen the scripts and exec produce.

My Love From Another Star is the latest Korean show to be adapted for this year’s development season. CBS is currently adapting the Korean medical drama Good Doctor while NBC is working on the remake of the variety show Grandpas Over Flowers.

My Love is available in its entirety on DramaFever. Below is a clip of the original Korean pilot: