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The RushOrder team

Online Food Delivery App Taps into L.A.’s Koreatown


Ordering delivery from a slew of neighborhood restaurants, all from the convenience of your smartphone or mobile device, has never been easier thanks to apps like Seamless, Eat24 and other brands.

The latest product to join the online food delivery space is RushOrder, a Los Angeles-based start-up that aims not only to minimize wait times for things like the check or a latte for the busy person on the go, but also to bring small mom-and-pop-type establishments in Los Angeles’ Koreatown into the online delivery fold.

This pairing of Korean restaurant options with the technological ease of ordering menu items online (let alone discovering such a place exists within several miles of your location) is one thing the team behind RushOrder believes separates it from its competitors.

“We’re familiar with these places and the people who go there, so we’re able to bring these restaurants into our system,” said Eric Kim, RushOrder’s chief operating officer. “We’re providing access to users and customers who haven’t had access to these restaurants before. A customer can now order from restaurants that serve Korean blood sausages.”

RushOrder originally was conceived as a way to eliminate inefficiencies of the dine-in experience, such as waiting for a server to take an order or bring the check. The product has since undergone several “pivots,” as the team members put it, by focusing on partnering with restaurants and capitalizing on the growing popularity of L.A.’s Koreatown.

RushOrder launched in February. Though it aims to serve cities all over the country, it’s concentrated in L.A. for now.

Available on Android Google Play and Apple iOS for the iPhone and iPad, the RushOrder app hopes to fill a large gap in the online food delivery space.

“The thing we want to emphasize is Koreatown and how those restaurants are not really on these online platforms,” Kim said. “We want to introduce this older generation of Koreans who own these businesses to technology.”

“On the tech side,” he added, “a lot of online ordering companies haven’t been able to access this market because the people who run it aren’t familiar with this space and the language barriers.”

Kim, a 30-year-old former Wall Street consultant who grew up in Koreatown, credits popular chefs like the Kogi Truck’s Roy Choi and culinary television personality Anthony Bourdain for helping put Koreatown on the map as a food destination, thus making it a prime source of savory dining options for the online delivery crowd.

RushOrder will soon be offering delivery and takeout from nearly 300 restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area, including lesser-known places like Nak Won House, Wako Donkasu, Myung In Dumplings and Jang Teo Bossam, in addition to pizza joints and delicatessen staples.

“The mobile ordering payment space is pretty competitive,” Kim acknowledged. “There are lots of companies like us running around. The challenge isn’t getting the restaurants on board. The important metric is, how fast are they growing orders and users, and are they bringing in business?”

So among the plethora of online delivery platforms that seem to be expanding by the day, is there really room for another product?

“Yes,” says Kim. “Delivery is becoming a much greater part of peoples’ lives. Everyone is so busy these days. People spend less time going out to eat and more time working and keeping themselves busy.”

“Even in a place like L.A.,” he said, “the need for delivery is growing rapidly.” Plus, Kim adds, “The Koreatown community is becoming much more popular in Los Angeles.”

Photo Courtesy of RushOrder

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Hello Kitty Cafe to Open in California in 2015


If you’re suffering from Hello Kitty Convention withdrawal, we bring you good news: A Hello Kitty Cafe is coming to California!

According to the LAist, plans are already underway to open a Hello Kitty Cafe in Orange County by summer 2015. The announcement was made during Hello Kitty Con in the form of a pink Hello Kitty food truck, which served adorable treats including donuts to macarons and gave fans a taste of what to expect this upcoming summer.

Allan Tea, the cafe’s managing partner, said that everything from the food to the decor will showcase the iconic Sanrio character. While the cafe prepares for its launch, the Hello Kitty food truck will be catering to private parties in the greater Southern California area.

Here are some photos from the Hello Kitty Cafe’s Instagram:


Win a Pair of Tickets to AOMG’s L.A. Concert This Friday

Do you have plans for this upcoming Friday night? Cancel them.

AOMG is kicking off their U.S. tour in Los Angeles at the Belasco Theater, and we want to get you in for free! We have a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky individual, who will be able to see Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, Loco and DJ Pumkin perform for free! They’ll also be able to join the after party at Supperclub in Hollywood.

Here’s how you can win: Tell us who is your favorite artist out of the performers at the concert and why. Leave your comment below, or on this article’s Facebook post.

The winner will be announced at 1 p.m. Pacific Time on KoreAm‘s Facebook page. The KoreAm staff will choose the individual whose response shows the most passion for their AOMG artist!

Rules: Contestants must be age 21 and over. Tickets will be available only by will call at the box office. Concert stubs will grant free entry to the after party until 11 p.m.

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EXCLUSIVE DEAL: 40% Off Tickets for AOMG Concert in L.A.

If you live in Los Angeles, you have plenty of places to be out and about on Friday nights. Allow us to present a very good reason to drop those plans.

AOMG is kicking off its U.S. tour this Friday at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, and they’re inviting KoreAm readers to join the party! General admission tickets are 40 percent off when you use the code “youtube” at checkout, which drops the price from $50 to $30! You can buy the tickets here.

The spectacular lineup features Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, Loco and DJ Pumkin. Get your tickets soon before they’re sold out!

Time: 7:30 p.m.; Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Location: The Belasco Theater
1050 S. Hill Street Los Angeles, CA 90015

If you’re 21 and over, be sure to hit up the after party! Your concert stub from the show will grant you free entry until 11 p.m.


After Party Time: 10 p.m. – 2 a.m.

Location: 6675 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

Those of you on the East Coast, fear not — AOMG’s tour continues in New York and Washington D.C. on Saturday, Nov. 15 and Thursday, Nov. 20, respectively.

Shots in nightclub

UCLA Needs Asian American Subjects for an Alcohol Study

Do you have drinking down to a science? If it were a science, would you have a Ph.D. in the subject?

If you think so, this study at the University of California, Los Angeles might be for you. The Addictions Research Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at UCLA is looking specifically for Asian Americans who drink alcohol to participate in a study for a medication on craving for alcohol.

The study will consist of six visits, and you can earn up to $446 for completing the entire study. You can read the details and check your eligibility for the study after taking this survey here.

If you are a UCLA student and worried about how your answers in the survey might affect your academic standing, fear not. Your answers decision to participate will not affect your relationship with the university, and your answers will be confidential.

You can contact the UCLA Addictions Lab at (310) 206-6756, or the UCLA Office of the Human Research Protection Program (OHRPP) at (310) 825-5344.


Far East Movement Releases K-Town Mini-Doc Ahead of New EP


Far East Movement has been touring all over the world and the United States in recent years, but they’re bringing their music back home to Koreatown, Los Angeles for their upcoming EP.

In anticipation for K-Town Riot, which drops next Tuesday, Oct. 28, Far East Movement premiered the first part of a mini-documentary series exploring the 1992 L.A. riots through L.A. Weekly. It features a number of first-hand accounts from individuals who were in Koreatown during the riots, including Paul PK Kim and Roy Choi.

“When we were on tour, we honestly just felt like we were losing touch with where we grew up, with the community that really shined us a light when we didn’t have any opportunities,” Nish said in an interview with the L.A. Weekly. “After two years of touring, we came home and saw how much it had changed. … So we were like, why don’t we try to do something about it?”

With K-Town Riots, Nish said the group brings a “harder sound,” influenced by the gangster rap songs from the era. He mentioned that the group had around 30 songs recorded, but after a good amount of deliberation, they managed to select six songs. “We felt like these six best represented the vibes for K-Town Riot,” he explained.

The documentary had to be stripped down as well, from nearly five hours of footage in order to keep things “tight, concise, to the point.” Part two of the mini-documentary will feature a more light-hearted look at the growth of Koreatown, Nish said, and that should be out in a few weeks.

You can check out Part One of the five-minute mini-doc below. Be sure to read the full interview with Kevin Nish at L.A. Weekly here.


Hyun-Jin Ryu Doesn’t Want The Giants to Win The World Series


After spending two years with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Hyun-Jin Ryu seems to have grown enough animosity towards his team’s division rival San Francisco Giants, ahead of this year’s World Series.

Ryu returned to South Korea recently after the Dodgers’ early exit from the postseason. At a press conference in Seoul, he told reporters that he wants the Royals to win the World Series, only because he doesn’t want to see the Giants take home their third title in the last five years. The last time the Dodgers won the World Series was in 1988.

“I want the Royals to win,” Ryu said. “It would be better than the Giants winning it.”

Ryu holds a 4-4 career record versus the Giants in particular. While he has experienced mixed success against the rivals in the last two seasons, Ryu has admitted in the past that Giants outfielder Hunter Pence is the toughest player to face in the major leagues.

The 27-year-old finished the regular season with a 14-7 record and a 3.38 ERA. Despite missing the last three weeks of the regular season with a shoulder injury, Ryu made a return in Game 3 of the National League Division Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The left-hander held the Cardinals to just one run on five hits in six strong innings on his return, but the Dodgers still lost 3-1. The Dodgers were eventually eliminated after four games.

“I was injured on three separate occasions this year,” said Ryu, who pitched 152 innings this season. “I couldn’t pitch many innings this season because of injuries. I want to pitch over 200 innings next year. I’ll need to stay healthy to achieve that goal.”

Photo courtesy of Sarah Reingewirtz/Pasadena Star-News.


Seoul Mayor Takes Cues From Los Angeles’ Emergency Preparedness


This past weekend, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon visited Los Angeles to tap the city’s expertise on emergency preparedness, reported The Los Angeles Times.

Park, a potential presidential candidate who began his second term as mayor of Seoul in July, visited Los Angeles’ emergency operations center, the Los Angeles Fire Department, Dodger Stadium and the site of Korean Air’s future downtown skyscraper to learn more about the city’s disaster plans.

Recalling the Sewol ferry disaster, which killed more than 300 passengers in April, Park stated that he was looking to Los Angeles’ expertise on handling crises to ensure Seoul is better prepared to respond to emergencies.

“Many mistakes and systematic problems were involved in that accident,” Park told the L.A. Times. “As manager of this big metropolitan city, I’m really in charge. I feel a strong sense of responsibility.”

He added that Los Angeles would serve as a valuable guide for Seoul due to its predisposition to natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires.

In addition to surveying disaster plans, Park also spoke with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti about increasing trade and tourism between the two cities. The two mayors will discuss more initiatives when Garcetti visits Seoul in November.

According to The Korea Herald, Park also met with Hollywood producers and directors during his trip to promote Seoul as a film site for future movies, particularly for the third installment of Star Trek, which is slated to be released in 2016.

Photo courtesy of Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times