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Miss Korea 2014: ‘The Crown Feels Very Heavy’


Today Ewha University student Kim Seo-yeon beat out 49 other contestants to be crowned this year’s Miss Korea at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, according to the Korea Herald. The 22-year-old will go on to represent Korea at the London Miss Universe contest, where contestants from 50 different nations will vie against each other in the highly competitive beauty pageant.

According to the official Miss Korea website, Kim’s goal is to become a news anchor, and she is currently majoring in business administration at Ewha, a prestigious private women’s university in Seoul. Her hobbies include playing the piano and violin.

“The crown feels very heavy,” said Kim, after 2013’s Miss Korea, Yoo Ye-bin, passed on the crown to Kim. “I was not able to make it here through my efforts alone. Thank you to the organizing committee for its efforts. Thank you also to my supportive family and friends. I will carry the responsibility as a representative and work hard.”

Miss Korea-Herald South Korea Miss Korea:AP

Kim Seo-yeon, during the pageant’s competitions. Photos: left via Korea Herald, right via AP.

Shin Soo-min (Kyungbuk) and Lee Suh-bin (Gyeonggi) won second place honors, and Ryu So-ra (Gyeongnam), Paek Ji-hyeon (Daegu), Lee Sa-ra (America) and Kim Myung-son (Jeonbuk) were named third place finishers. Park Ga-ram (Kangwon) won the Friendship Award, Lee Sa-ra (America) won the Best Manners Award, Joo Ka-il (Gyeongnam) won the Photogenic Award, Ko Eun-bi (Gwangju) won the Entertainment Award, and Huh Jin (America) won the Popularity Award.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and TV personality Oh Sang Jin co-hosted the pageant.

Check out the crowning in the video below.

Photo via mydaily. 

Monday's Link Attack: Steven Yeun, Miss Korea, Erotic Garden

Steven Yeun: ‘The Walking Dead’ aims for my groin

“It seems like ‘The Walking Dead’ just kind of aims for my groin,” Steven Yeun, who spent the latest episode dangling inches above a water-bloated zombie in a well, tells Zap2it.com.

‘Walking Dead’ Creator Talks Steamy Sex Scene

This week’s episode finally turned up the heat and gave us a whole lot of flesh — but not the kind “Walking Dead” heads are typically used to.

We’re talking, of course, about the steamy sex scene between go-to odd-jobs man Glenn (Steven Yeun) and newcomer Maggie (Lauren Cohan), daughter of farmer Hershel Greene. After Glenn successfully roped in an incredibly gruesome zombie at the bottom of a well (seriously, did you see that thing? That’s Greg Nicotero at his finest!), the former pizza delivery boy clearly demonstrated enough cojones to win Maggie’s heart — or at least her body. But following the spontaneous sexual encounter, Maggie called it quits, leaving Glenn more than a little bit confused about what just happened.

Google Plans K-Pop Channel, and More?
Wall Street Journal

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is in Seoul to meet with executives at several major IT companies over the next couple of days. One of the first stops was the Blue House, where he talked with President Lee Myung-bak about cooperation between Korean IT firms and Google, and Mr. Schmidt said Google intends to set up a YouTube channel for Korean pop music, or K-pop.

Judging by the response to a recent series of K-pop concerts around the world, that’ll get plenty of interest online.

Interview: Miss Korea 2011 talks fashion, her new job and plastic surgery

For Miss Korea 2011 Yi Seong Hye, photoshoots, interviews, community service and learning how to do her hair and makeup herself are all part of her weekly official duties as the public relations ambassador for the country.

After spending 13 years in the United States — she attended high school in Boston and is currently on leave from studying at Parsons in New York — Yi had to learn a great deal about Korean culture upon returning to to the country of her birth.

“The pageant was actually not why I returning to Korea,” says Yi, who turns 23 this week.

“I came back to be back with my family and to learn about Korean culture, and then the lucky opportunity of entering the pageant came along.”

Boat With 21 North Koreans Found Off South Korea’s Coast
New York Times

Twenty-one North Koreans, including women and children, were found adrift in a boat off the west coast of South Korea last Sunday and asked for asylum, the South Korean military said Saturday.

The five-ton boat was spotted by a South Korean Navy patrol 23 miles south of the maritime border disputed by North Korea. The people on board were transferred to a maritime police boat and taken to Incheon, a major port outside Seoul, the South Korean capital.

“When they were found, they immediately expressed their intention to defect,” the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. “A joint inquiry team from the related government agencies are investigating what motivated them to defect.”


N.Korean soldiers shoot refugee in China: activist
AFP via Google News

A refugee was shot dead by North Korean border guards last month after reaching Chinese soil in a strengthened crackdown on escapees, according to a South Korean activist.

“During my trip to a border area on October 22, I witnessed a man shot to death after arriving in China,” Kim Yong-Hwa, head of the North Korea Refugees Human Rights Association of Korea, told AFP.

The man in his 40s was apparently shot by the North’s guards from near the northern border city of Hyesan and died in front of Chinese soldiers, he said.

“After a sound of shooting across the river, I saw him groaning and crawling on the ground. Several Chinese soldiers were there but did not care,” Kim said.

8Asians.com Readers Asked, John Cho Responds!

Do you think it’s harder for the Asian American community to catch their big break in the biz? Why do you think it is or isn’t? – Anunez587

JC: Obviously, it is. You just look around and it’s a numbers game. There are fewer parts for Asians. The concept of “the big break” is something that works against Asians in that the majority of parts available to Asians aren’t meant to break anyone’s career open — they’re modest roles. So even if a person has a long career, there may have never been a “break.” I don’t know if my career has ever really “broken,” or if I’m just descending step by step. The concept of a break implies these floodgates will open and I don’t even think that has happened for me or Kal.

Korean-Japanese billionaire to give away fortune
Korea Herald

Han Chang-woo, a Korean-Japanese businessman who founded Maruhan Corp., Japan’s largest operator of pachinko parlors, said Saturday he will donate all his wealth, worth $1.7 billion, to help improve relations between the two countries.

“I’d like to give away all the money I’ve made before I die. I can assure that my personal assets, except for the company to be handed over to my son and some money for my wife, will be used for the inter-development of Korea and Japan,” Han told reporters in Busan.

The 80-year-old Korean immigrant was ranked Japan’s 17th-richest person by Forbes last year with net worth of 132 billion yen ($1.7 billion).

Miele Guide: Korean restaurant finally makes Asia’s Top 20

Seoul took a big step forward as a culinary capital as its chefs won Asia-wide accolades in Singapore last week.

For the first time a Korean restaurant, Pierre Gagnaire à Séoul, was listed among Asia’s Top 20 in The Miele Guide, a compendium of the continent’s finest dining venues, released annually.

Its Jeju pork belly and tilefish dish was highlighted as a great example of what the kitchen talents there can do.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg Opens Up to Flushing
Times Ledger (Queens, N.Y.)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a town hall meeting in Flushing that he would try to help do away with the fines Korean business owners receive for storing kimchee at room temperature.

Asian American Sports with Rick Quan: The Darwin Barney Interview

Our friend and sports expert Rick Quan continues his series of interviews with Asian American athletes with a profile of Chicago Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney. The quarter-Japanese, quarter-Korean, and half-Caucasian Barney hails from Beaverton, OR where a love of sports was instilled in him by his father who — at 5’6″ — played point guard as a college basketball player and taught his son to never impose limits on his abilities. Check out the video and learn how the 25-year-old grew to love piano once his parents stopped forcing him to take lessons, how he once thought he was Hawaiian, and catch the classic expression on the face of Dan Uggla from the Atlanta Braves as Barney ended his 33-game hitting streak this past August.

NSFW: South Korea Has A Very Naughty Erotic Sculpture Garden
Business Insider

We never really thought of South Korea as a sexually provocative place, so we were pretty surprised when we read about Jeju Love Land, an erotic theme park on Jeju Island.

The park, which opened in 2004, has 140 sculptures of humans and their genitalia, and also shows sex education films.

William Hung Scores Job With L.A. County Sheriff

America’s favorite American Idol auditionor has found a new gig – with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

After his Season 3 audition performance in 2004 of Ricky Martin’s She Bangs, William Hung became a viral hit and received a cult-like following, which led him to numerous talk show appearances, three studio albums, and his primetime television show debut on Fox’s Arrested Development. Now, it appears Hung has made a career shift.

According to TMZ, Hung is working for the LA County Sheriff’s Department as a Technical Crime Analyst, meaning he is analyzing trends and patterns in crimes. This can help law enforcement deploy resources in a more effective manner, as well as playing a role in apprehending suspects, solving crimes, and formulating crime prevention strategies.

Beckman’s Kim keeps coming
Daily Pilot (Irvine, Calif.)

Running back has been a force for the Patriots, who will face Corona del Mar for the Pacific Coast League title on Friday.

Priscilla Ahn – Vibe So Hot


Miss Korea Believes In Aliens, Wants To Be An Oyster

Miss Universe hopeful Sora Jung said she believes that aliens exist and if she could be an animal she would like to be an oyster or an elephant, according to a video interview taped earlier this week.

“I think I’ve seen a UFO before, I’m not really sure because I was little,” said the 20-year-old Korean. “But I really do believe in aliens, I mean, E.T. has to be based on something.”

Jung is in Brazil to compete in the Miss Universe 2011 pageant set for Sept. 12. South Korea typically sends the previous year’s Miss Korea winner to the Miss Universe contest.


When asked what type of animal she would be, Jung said she would live as either an elephant — due to their gregarious nature and close familial ties — or as an oyster.

“I’ve lived life as a human really complex and stuff so I think I would want to live life completely simple and be an oyster,” Jung said.

Jung, the daughter of the head of the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, graduated from Shanghai American School two years ago and also attended U.C. Riverside in Southern California, according to the Chosun Ilbo. The Seoul Times reported, however, that Jung is currently a student at Korea University.

Jung, who stands at 5 feet 7.5 inches, is fluent in Korean, English and Mandarin Chinese.

Check out the video and Jung’s bikini — which she designed — after the jump. Continue reading

Miss Korea 2011 Crowned

Miss Korea 2011 Lee Seong Hye

by Christine Kim

Parsons Design student Lee Seong Hye was crowned Miss Korea 2011 on Wednesday at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.

Wearing the envied crown that bestows the unofficial title of “the most beautiful woman in Korea,” the 22-year-old glowed as she stood on stage.

“I would like to attribute this honor to all those who have prayed for me and my loving family,” Lee said, according to Xinhua. “As the winner of Miss Korea, I’ll do my best to represent South Korea and show the country’s beauty and national prestige in the next one year.”

The second runner-up, Korean American Soo Jung “Crystal” Kim, came close to winning but fell short in the end. The 17-year-old from Southern California will attend Northwestern University as a freshman this fall and intends to major in economics.

Embodying grace and intelligence, both Lee and Kim show that they are more than just girls with pretty faces.

Lee will represent South Korea at Miss World 2011 in November and at the Miss Universe competition in 2012.

See additional pictures of the pageant after the jump: Continue reading