Thursday’s Link Attack: NKorean Prisoners ‘Disappeared’; NYC Cyclist Attacked; Kim Yuna Ready to Defend Gold
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Posted: September 5th, 2013
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Up to 20,000 North Korean prison camp inmates have ‘disappeared’ says human rights group
The Telegraph (U.K.)

There are fears that up to 20,000 may have been allowed to die of disease or starvation in the run-up to the closure of the camp at the end of last year.

The suspicion has emerged from a newly-released report by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) detailing the situation in penal colonies as Kim Jong-un consolidated his power after taking over as leader from his father, Kim Jong-il who died in 2011. Now the group that is demanding an inquiry into their fate.

The Washington-based organisation gleans information from defectors from the North, including former guards and the occasional survivor of a prison camp, as well as examining satellite imagery.

Rodman just a toy for N. Korea’s Kim
CNN Opinion

Dennis Rodman, the former NBA star and the first American known to have met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, is in the secretive country again, purportedly to meet his “friend Kim, the Marshal.” And also, to negotiate for the release of Kenneth Bae, a U.S. citizen detained since November.

Rodman’s second trip to North Korea this year comes months after months of threats of nuclear annihilation from Pyongyang. His desire to help Bae is likely to be registered in the annals of diplomatic history as little more than a little diverting adventure.

But one never knows. The “Marshal,” who has actually never served in the military, might choose to act in a statesmanlike manner and release Bae after another high-spirited soiree with the basketball legend. That would be good news for Bae, who is reportedly in poor health.

Kim Jong-un’s Prestige Projects ‘Bleeding N.Korea Dry’
Chosun Ilbo

Three big prestige projects launched by new leader Kim Jong-un are bleeding North Korea dry, exacerbating hardships and squeezing their pockets, according to a South Korean government official.

They are the construction of a ski resort, an equestrian club in Pyongyang and the attempt to turn empty plots of barren land into lawns.

The official said the regime is forcing North Korean diplomats and workers overseas to remit US$300 each to Pyongyang for the construction of the ski resort. It has also told Chongryon, a large pro-Pyongyang Korean organization in Japan, to raise funds. People are being “encouraged” to send gifts to soldiers working on the ski resort, and they have little choice but to comply.

Cycle of fear: Attack victim preps lawsuit as other riders arm themselves on Fort Washington Park path
New York Daily News

Cyclists who use a secluded bike path along the Hudson River in upper Manhattan are arming themselves because the NYPD is not ensuring their safety — and a victim of a recent attack said Wednesday he’s preparing a lawsuit days after he was brutalized by thieves.

Two-wheeler Keith Cho was riding on the Hudson River Greenway near W. 164th St. after sunset on Aug. 24 when he was sent flying to the ground by a clothesline that thieves had set up between two trees.

Cho said three men beat him until he was semiconscious. One attacker even used brass knuckles, causing serious lacerations.

China Beats U.S. for Korean Students Seeing Career Ticket

Two years ago, Lee Eun Yul made an unusual choice for a South Korean student: to do her master’s degree in Shanghai instead of the U.S. She says the decision helped land her a job at Samsung Electronics Co., the top pick for graduates.

“I chose China over the U.S. as China is the future,” said Lee, 36, who studied at China Europe International Business School. “My experience in China opens more exciting opportunities and I expect more challenging work when I join” Samsung this month.

Lee is at the forefront of a trend in South Korea, Asia’s fourth-largest economy, that is steering students toward China to boost their prospects in an increasingly competitive employment market. The number of South Koreans studying in China more than doubled to 62,855 in 2012 from 2003, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Education. The number of U.S.-bound students grew 50 percent to 73,351 in the same period.

ICE returns stolen Korean artifact purchased by Fort Lee art collector to South Korea (New Jersey)

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials returned an antique Korean currency plate to South Korean officials this week, after it was confiscated from an art dealer living in Fort Lee.

Officials say the currency plate, manufactured in 1893 and used to print money, was looted from a Seoul palace during the Korean War.

A Michigan-based auction house sold the plate on behalf of the family of a dead American serviceman, who had brought it back from the war, for $35,000.

Exclusive: Falling Skies’ Moon Bloodgood
Independent Online (South Africa)

Of all the sci-fi TV offerings (Terra Nova and Under the Dome) Steven Spielberg has attached his name to, Falling Skies has definitely been the best, with the series picked up for a fourth season.

When Moon Bloodgood was approached for the role of Anne Glass and handed the script, she did not hesitate in accepting the part. Knowing the series creator, Robert Rodat, and Spielberg were the forces behind the project was good enough for her – plus she didn’t have to audition either.

And she’s no stranger to being thrust into an action-packed playground – she gained experience on the big screen (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Terminator Salvation) and TV (CSI, Day Break, Journeyman, Burn Notice and Human Target).

Controversial Film About Warship Sinking Opens in Theaters
Wall Street Journal

What caused the Cheonan, a South Korean navy ship, to sink in the Yellow Sea near the border with North Korea in March 2010, killing 46 sailors?

While the evidence overwhelmingly points to a North Korean torpedo attack, moviegoers across South Korea have the opportunity starting Thursday to watch a documentary that explores explanations that run counter to that conclusion. This follows a court’s rejection Wednesday of a petition to ban the film from general release.

The plaintiffs in the case, naval officers and bereaved families, argued that the documentary, “Project Cheonan Ship,” distorts the truth and harms the reputation of the armed forces.

Hyun-Jin Ryu will miss Friday’s start due to back stiffness
CBS Sports

Dodgers left-hander Hyun-Jin Ryu will not start on Friday as scheduled due to mid back stiffness. Fellow southpaw Chris Capuano will start in his place. The skipped start is considered precautionary.

Ryu, 28, first felt something in his back during his last start on Friday. The team hopes to re-insert him into the rotation either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. With a comfortable 13-game lead in the NL West, the Dodgers can afford to be cautious with their projected fourth starter for the playoffs.

In 26 starts this year, Ryu has gone 13-5 with a 3.02 ERA (117 ERA+) and 1.22 WHIP in 167 innings across 26 starts. Los Angeles committed over $60 million (posting fee plus contract) to bring him over from South Korea this past offseason. Obviously his first season in MLB has been a huge success.

Kim Yu-na Tells Fans She’s Determined to Defend Olympic Crown
Chosun Ilbo

With just five months to go until the 2014 Winter Games, reigning Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na met her fans at a movie theater in Seoul on Wednesday and promised she wouldn’t let them down in the final season of her successful career.

“I will do my best in this Olympic season, which will be the last of my competitive career, so that I leave with no regrets,” she said.

Some 200 fans sang a Happy Birthday song for Kim, who turns 23 on Thursday, and gave her presents. Together, they watched a video showing people from across the country wishing her well and cheering her on.

The K-Town Report: Seafood Village on Western, Kang Ho Dong’s Offal BBQ
LA Eater

1) Olympic & Vermont: It wasn’t long before the dumpling and noodle spot by spicy tofu pot specialist So Kong Dong morphed into Hong Kong Banjum a Korean-Chinese place originally inside the Koreatown Plaza and part of a mini-chain. The veritable styles of this unique fusion are well-displayed, with classic champoong and cha-jiang myun noodles, along with tang soo yook (sweet and sour pork or beef), and other cheap dishes. 2716-2726 W Olympic Blvd

2) Western & Olympic: Seafood Village has taken over the relatively short-lived Taenung Galbi. Previously Mu Dung San, one of the original all-you-can-eat barbecue establishments to gain popularity in the early 2000s, Seafood Village serves up Korean-style plates like raw fish laid out on platters, along with traditional seaside appointments (called hwae). 1040 S Western Ave

Monday’s Link Attack: Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun; Kim Yuna and Michelle Kwan; Ken Jeong
Y. Peter Kang
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NKorea’s Kim issues ‘important’ guidelines on how to bolster the army and protect sovereignty
Washington Post

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued “important” guidelines on how to bolster the army and protect the nation’s sovereignty at a high-level ruling Workers’ Party meeting, state media said Sunday, an indication that Pyongyang may be ready to conduct an atomic test anytime.

North Korea said last month that it would conduct its third nuclear test to protest international sanctions toughened over its long-range rocket launch in December. The U.S., South Korea and other countries have urged the North to scrap its nuclear test plans or face grave consequences.

SKorea envoy says NKorea nuke test seems imminent
AP via Google News

South Korea’s U.N. ambassador said Monday a North Korean nuclear test “seems to be imminent.”

Ambassador Kim Sook said there are “very busy activities” taking place at North Korea’s nuclear test site “and everybody’s watching.”

Kim told a press conference that in the event of a nuclear test, he expects the U.N. Security Council to respond with “firm and strong measures.”

Michelle Rhee Gets an Education
New York Times Magazine

In your new book, “Radical,” you recount that while growing up in a Korean-American household in Toledo, if your brother brought home a bad grade, your mother would ground you, not him. Can you explain her thinking?

My mother is a very traditional Korean mom. I grew up with clear roles as the girl of the family, and one of them was being responsible for my brothers and specifically to make sure my younger brother was doing well in school. Korean culture is very lenient on boys.

Attending a North Korean school … in Japan

On the surface, it resembles just about any other high school in Japan — or any high school in most places around the world.

Students sit quietly studying math, science and English; some struggle to stay focused, looking at the clock and waiting for the bell to ring. When the school day ends, some move out to the sports fields for rugby or soccer practice, while others study music in emptying hallways.

What makes this school different is the pictures of two men scattered throughout the building — portraits of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung and previous leader Kim Jong Il.

‘Gangnam Style’ Reaches N.Korea
Chosun Ilbo

Not even North Korea has been spared the global phenomenon that is “Gangnam Style.” The Chosun Ilbo has footage of North Koreans watching a video of rapper Psy’s smash hit.

Caleb Mission, which supports North Korean defectors, acquired the video while trying to find out how South Korean entertainment plays in the North. The mission, along with the Chosun Ilbo, gathered information in a Chinese border city last month.

The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun on Glenn’s changing role as the prison and Woodbury collide
Channel Guide Magazine

CGM: Was the roar you let loose after freeing yourself and killing the zombie Merle [Michael Rooker] sicced on you at Woodbury a thesis statement for who Glenn has become this season?
Steven Yeun: You know, that scream actually wasn’t scripted — that just came out of the scene. Dan Sackheim, who was our director for that episode, gave me free rein in that moment to just play. I was kicking stuff over and falling and picking myself back up and it was so crazy and intense. And finally, once that actual hit happened, my only reaction was to just let it out. So, yeah, you could call it a thesis statement, but I don’t think Glenn is done growing. Glenn is still very much a young man — and when traumatic things like that happen, sometimes with youth you kind of overstep your boundaries, as well. I think people will be interested to see how far he takes this.

Small roles, powerful performances
Los Angeles Times

Moon Bloodgood: Vera, “The Sessions”

Moon Bloodgood may be familiar to audiences for starring roles in “Terminator Salvation” and TNT’s “Falling Skies,” but in “The Sessions,” she’s almost unrecognizable — and she couldn’t be happier. As Vera, the caregiver for polio-stricken Mark O’Brien (John Hawkes), the stunning actress is stripped of all glamour, “hair pulled back, wearing funky clothes, and I tried to walk in a really frumpy way,” she says.

“It was so nice to play someone who didn’t have to look pretty in front of the camera. You get to be loose and real and relaxed.”

Fresh Footage From Community’s Changlorious Return

The more things change — or Chang, if you will — the more they stay the same. However, Community, which (finally) launches its fourth season this Thursday (NBC, 8/7c), is about to turn that adage on its head with the not-so-triumphant return of Ken Jeong‘s Ben Chang.

Last seen living in the vents of the dastardly City College, the onetime troublemaker returns to Greendale early in Season 4 — but, alas, he’s no longer Chang. Instead, the character is suffering from — dun, dun, dun! — Changnesia and goes by the name Kevin.

Reality Check: Hines Ward is still cooking
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A particular joy in Food Network’s “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off” (Sundays) is knowing that the two remaining contestants who are not self-proclaimed, gotta-win-it foodies have done well so far.

Until this week. Low-key Hines Ward continues to turn out some of the most-liked plates. In this week’s episode, he managed to create some nicely done quesadillas and miniature cupcakes.

Rogge confident Pyeongchang will overcome debt obstacle

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge is confident Pyeongchang will host a successful Winter Olympics in 2018 despite fears that preparations could suffer as the South Korean town battles mounting debts.

Figure skater Kim Yu-na to perform with Michelle Kwan in Special Olympics closing ceremony
Yonhap News

South Korean figure skating star Kim Yu-na will perform with her idol, Michelle Kwan of the U.S., in the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeongChang, organizers said Monday.

Concert to commemorate Korean immigration to isles
Honolulu Star Advertiser

The Korean American Foundation Hawaii is commemorating the 110th anniversary of Korean immigration to the islands with a concert, “Seulgidoong: Korean Rhapsody,” at 7 p.m., March 2, at the Hawai‘i Convention Center. An 11-person ensemble will merge traditional Korean music with a contemporary style.

How to travel to North Korea
CNN Travel

You would think with tension so high, the isolated state would be off-limits to tourists. But it’s not. Here’s how to get in and the best times to go

Man Hurt as Samsung Phone Explodes in Pants Pocket
Chosun Ilbo

Another Galaxy smartphone has exploded and injured its owner. Bupyeong Fire Station in Incheon on Sunday said a 55-year-old man reported the previous day that his smartphone battery blew up in the pocket of his pants.

September Cover Story: Moon Bloodgood Takes On a New Role, Motherhood
Author: KoreAm
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Sun-Kissed Moon

Falling Skies star Moon Bloodgood welcomes KoreAm into her L.A. home. With her just-renewed series, a critically acclaimed indie film, a loving husband of one year and a baby on the way (plus her ever-proud mom always nearby), the actress shares that, at 37, she’s happier than she’s ever been.


Moon Bloodgood’s mother Sang Cha greets me at the gate leading into the front yard of her daughter’s Venice bungalow. I’m not surprised to see her here. Five years ago, when Bloodgood last graced the cover of KoreAm, Sang Cha was present for the cover shoot, which portrayed Moon as an elegant starlet in Hollywood’s Golden Era. In that article, Moon, then in the midst of filming What Just Happened, starring Robert De Niro, was reflective about her sometimes difficult childhood in Orange County. She talked about being raised in poverty with her older sister, Caitlin, by her immigrant mother who divorced Bloodgood’s Dutch-Irish father when she was 3.

This time around, the 37-year-old actress is very much focused on the near future with a baby—her first with husband Grady Hall, whom she married last August—due in early December and a critically acclaimed film, The Sessions—in which she co-stars with Oscar-nominated/ winning actors John Hawkes, William H. Macy and Helen Hunt—set to premiere on Oct. 26. Moon—pun intended—has certainly entered a crucial phase in her life and career.

As I wait in the living room, she emerges from the back bedroom after an afternoon nap. She is five-and-a-half months pregnant, her hair is tousled, her baby bump protrudes from a loose cotton dress, she’s not wearing any makeup, and she practically glows. Her skin radiates; her sun-bleached hair casts an aura; and she exudes a yogi’s contentedness. There’s so much hormone-induced magic in the room, I could spontaneously lactate. Continue Reading »

Thursday’s Link Attack: Moon Bloodgood, Homoerotic Fencing Dispute, Michelle Wie
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In North Korea, Putting a Female Face Front and Center
New York Times

Ri Sol-ju, the wife of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, is adding a new look to the nation’s leadership. Until she began accompanying Mr. Kim in public appearances in recent weeks, holding his arm and smiling at what appear to be adoring crowds, there had seldom been a woman’s face among the North’s power circles, which are filled with grim-faced party secretaries in Mao suits and military generals in their olive-colored uniforms.

Since North Korea’s state-run news media revealed Ms. Ri’s identity on July 25, ending weeks of speculation, the outside world has learned a bit more about her, most notably that she has been a YouTube star of sorts.

BCRO announces formation of Korean American GOP committee

Bergen County Republican Chairman Robert Yudin today announced the formation and addition of the Korean American Republican Committee (KARC), a new committee under the umbrella of the Bergen County Republican Organization.

Yudin said the BCRO formed KARC to enhance the relationship between the Bergen County Republican Party and the county’s growing Korean-American community.

East Bay woman, 82, dies of injuries from January attack, sexual assault
San Jose Mercury News (Calif.)

An 82-year-old woman who was beaten and sexually assaulted on her daily walk in January died of her injuries Tuesday, and police are still seeking the public’s help in locating her attacker.

Sun Kwon was found, bloodied and beaten, around 9:15 a.m. Jan. 28 in a side parking lot at a tire store in the 10700 block of San Pablo Avenue. Police said her attacker or attackers had severely punched or kicked her head and may have used old tires to hide her body until she was found by a store employee.

New charge in UT sexual attack case
KXAN (Texas)

According to UT police, on June 24, Ji Hun Choi followed the victim from the intersection of 21st Street and Guadalupe to her dorm at Roberts Hall. When the victim went to her dorm he held the door open for her and followed her up the stairs. As she walked up the stairs, he began to photograph her with his phone and grabbed her from behind.

Originally, officers charged the suspect with a lesser charge, assault causing bodily injury and improper photography, a state jail felony. After further investigation, police said that Choi intentionally and knowingly touched the victim without her consent, therefore committing sexual assault.

Seoul Sausage Joins Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race in Addition to Planned Brick-And-Mortar

The owners — Chris Oh, Yong Kim, and Ted Kim — grew up together in Korean American families in NorCal, attending the same school since they were younsters. Against their parents’ wishes the guys chased their love of cooking and started up a small business serving up Korean sausages with flair from Chris’s apartment. Since then they’ve developed a stable of encased Korean BBQ flavors like galbi, kimchi, spicy, garlicky pork, and of course a vegetarian sausage for the meat-free crowd. They’ve also recently added “sausage and balls” to their repertoire — the balls being made from Korean kimchi fried rice. (Hey, someone had to take over the innuendoes in Starry Kitchen’s absence.)

They’ll compete with eight other teams on the season which is fully wrapped. It remains to be seen who won the grand prize (a food truck and a $50,000), but whatever the outcome might be, we just hope it doesn’t push back the opening of the brick-and-mortar any more. We’re ready for a sausage fest!

Moon Bloodgood – Moon Bloodgood’s Killer Pregnancy Dreams

The Terminator Salvation star, who is five and a half months pregnant, is convinced her worries about becoming a parent are affecting her sleep.

She tells U.S. talk show host Conan O’Brien, “I’ve had a frequent dream where I’m killing someone. I had a dream where I was killing a woman and she was broken into pieces, and I just kept hammering in her face. I don’t know what this means, this is awful!

“I think I’m afraid of making a mistake, or I’m going to do something bad as a parent. But I have this dream where I kill someone and sometimes it’s a woman, sometimes it’s a dragon. (I blame) too much spicy food!”

The supermodel’s guide: Where to shop in Seoul

She’s walked the runways from Paris to New York for the likes of Dior and Armani and was the face of MAC, Saks Fifth Avenue and Levi’s.

On top of all that, she’s also a writer, painter and a prolific cartoonist.

And although it would probably be difficult to make any type of clothing look bad on that body, Korea’s top supermodel Song Kyung-ah, 33, is extremely picky about shopping.

We asked Korea’s top supermodel about her favorite fashion haunts and where to shop in Seoul.

Fencing: Korea’s Kim Jiyeon takes sabre gold

South Korea’s Kim Jiyeon beat Russian Sofya Velikaya 15-9 to win the Olympic women’s sabre gold on Wednesday.

The number five seed had earlier ended American Mariel Zagunis’s bid for a third successive gold with a 15-13 semi-final victory.

Zagunis, the flag-bearer for the United States at the opening ceremony, held a commanding 8-2 lead and then a 12-5 advantage, but grew tentative as the bout progressed.

The Most Homoerotic Olympic Fencing Dispute Ever

During yesterday’s men’s bronze medal foil fencing match, Byungchui Choi of South Korea faced off against Andrea Baldini of Italy. Early in the match Choi felt that a touch Baldini scored was not legal, but rather had hit him in the butt.

The suits have sensors on them to help the judge determine if a hit was legal. Note the green light that goes off behind Baldini (on the right) when he touches Choi. That means that a legal censor was triggered in Choi’s suit.

First Asian American Olympian to Win Gold Turns 92, Recounts Practicing Diving into Sand Pit
NBC Los Angeles

California native and Olympic diver Sammy Lee had to train in a sand pit because Asian Americans – or other minority groups – could not use the public pool, but that didn’t stop him from winning the gold in the 1948 London Olympics.

“In my day, they said you had to be white to win the gold, because the white man has a ‘better looking body,’” said Lee, who turned 92 Wednesday.

Photos from Lee’s legendary career as the first Asian-American to win Olympic gold cast him in stark contrast to his much larger teammates.

33 beautiful islands to visit in Korea

We bet you didn’t know Korea has more than 3,300 islands. Here’s the prettiest one percent

Look who’s Wie-ly grown up! US teen golf star Michelle Wie swaps white shorts for Matthew Williamson gown at Olympics party
Daily Mail (U.K.)

Attending the party with fellow golfer Jeehae Lee, from South Korea, 22-year-old Wie looked sensational in the embellished red and nude floor-length sleeveless dress, which featured elaborate asymmetrical detail, a high neckline and a racy, thigh-high slit.

The golfer – who has played the sport in her native Hawaii since she was just four years old, and became the youngest player ever to qualify for a United States Golf Association (USGA) amateur championship aged 10 – excitedly tweeted about her evening at Omega House.

Korea to Launch Mini-Satellite in U.S.
Chosun Ilbo

A team led by Prof. Jin Ho at Kyunghee University will launch a miniature satellite jointly developed with scientists at University of California, Berkeley.

The satellite dubbed CINEMA and weighing just 10 kg, will be launched into space aboard the Atlas 5 rocket at Vandenberg Air Force Base on Thursday, the researchers said Wednesday.

CINEMA is 30 cm long and 10 cm wide and high. Its mission is to fly 800 km above the Earth and detect electrically charged particles in space and gauge changes in the earth’s magnetic field.


Tuesday’s Link Attack: Daniel Henney, K-Pop Robots, Moon Bloodgood
Author: Crystal Kim
Posted: June 26th, 2012
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Suspect arrested in UT sexual attack
KXAN (Texas)

University of Texas police late Monday afternoon arrested the man accused of attacking a woman at her campus dorm throughout the weekend.

Ji Hun Choi, 21, was booked into jail at 5:20 p.m. after he was already inside the police station, police said.

Dan Rutherford Campaigns For Governor in Korea
NBC Chicago

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is taking his campaign for governor to Asia this week. Rutherford is on a six-day junket to South Korea, sponsored by that country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to drum up business for Illinois.

62% – Most Asian Americans Describe Themselves by Country of Origin
Pew Research Center

About six-in-ten Asian Americans (62%) say they most often describe themselves by using the country where they or their family originated (e.g., Chinese or Chinese American). One-in-five (19%) most often describe themselves as Asian or Asian American, and 14% most often describe themselves as American.

First Armenian Korean Festival Set for September
Asbarez (Armenia)

Talents, culinary feasts, music, and traditions of two vibrant and historical peoples will come together this fall for a unique event. The 1st Annual Korean Armenian Festival is slated to take place on Saturday September 15 through Sunday September 16, 2012. The two day affair will take place at Crescenta Valley Park and promises to be a fun filled day for families and children of all ages

Korea Tackles Record Drought
Wall Street Journal

The prolonged dry spell has prompted the government to set up a disaster relief center to coordinate responses and set aside 7 billion won for drought-relief efforts.

Provincial governments in many parts of the country have been drilling wells and supplying residents with drinking and agricultural water. As of Tuesday, about 80% of the country was rated at the most extreme drought level.

S.Korea to build navy base on frontline island
AFP via Google News

South Korea’s navy is to build an advance base on a frontline island to bolster defences near the disputed Yellow Sea border with North Korea, officials said on Tuesday.

The navy has been given local government approval to reclaim 23,489 square metres (250,000 square feet) at Baengnyeong island to build the base, said an official at Incheon city, west of Seoul, which oversees the islands.

Overseas Korean community leaders reconnect with Seoul
Korea Times

Over 400 community leaders and executives from approximately 70 different nations around the world met in the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel for the 13th World Korean Community Leaders Convention.

The event was hosted by the Overseas Koreans Foundation to give Koreans around the world, who may find themselves increasingly distant from their culture, a chance to form a solid link to their home country and to discuss the role Korean community associations can play in strengthening cultural networks.

Daniel Henney wins Best New Actor
Han Cinema

“Shanghai Calling”, featuring Hallyu actor Daniel Henney, won two awards at the 15th annual Shanghai International Film Festival.

The 32-year-old actor of Korean and American descent won Best New Actor for his role in the romantic comedy that centers on the theme of intercultural romance and the obstacles that arise when Sam, a top notch lawyer from New York, is relocated to Shanghai.

S.Korea robot manufacturer to launch ‘K-pop star robots’
Straits Times (Singapore)

According to Dongbu, the robot ‘will be able to fully reenact movements and dances of stars’ using more than 20 artificial motor ‘joints’ installed all over its body. In addition, users can make the robots look like their favourite stars using attachable artificial skin.

Users will be able to download the latest songs and dances via Android and Apple application stores and link them to the robot, said the company.

Moon Bloodgood on ‘Falling Skies’ Season 2
Crave Online

On “Falling Skies” she plays Dr. Anne Glass, a medic who treats the human resistance and helps fight the aliens. Anne’s story continue in the second season; which is currently running on TNT.

Previously, Bloodgood appeared in movies like Pathfinder and Terminator Salvation, and I saw her next movie Six Sessions earlier this year at Sundance. After all of that viewing, it was a treat to sit with Bloodgood one on one and catch up on everything she’s done in her career.

Arizona’s Refsnyder Named CWS Most Outstanding Player
Yahoo Sports

The Korean American adoptee was named the top player of this year’s College World Series, which was won by U of A.

He hit .476 with 2 HR and 5 RBIs during the series, leading all other players in home runs (2), hits (10), runs scored (6), total bases (16) and his five runs batted in tied him for first.

Basketball bridges U.S.- North Korea gap
Dayton Daily News (Ohio)

It’s not surprising North Korea didn’t know what to make of Luke Elie and the rest of his American teammates when they first landed in Pyongyang a little over a week ago.
According to several sources, they were the first American basketball team to visit North Korea since the bitterly-divisive Korean War, which began 62 years ago today.

Utah native Dia Frampton performs tonight in Utah
Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

As if tonight’s concert calendar weren’t packed enough, Utah native Dia Frampton performs tonight at 7 p.m. at The Complex in Salt Lake. Tickets are $20 at SmithsTix.

Frampton finished in second place during the first season of the NBC series “The Voice.” But she was robbed.

Book Review: Making Paper Cranes by Mihee Kim-Kort
Huffington Post

Mihee, a Korean American Presbyterian immigrant woman, takes us on a journey of honest self-discovery employing a wry sense of humor, keen cultural insight and an ability to ask and respond to powerful questions with which we can all identify.

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