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Haters Back Home Throw Yeot Candy at Korean World Cup Team, A Gesture That Means ‘Eat Sh-t’


For some people, blasting a group of young men on blogs, Twitter and among friends isn’t enough.

When the South Korean national soccer team traveled home from Brazil, where they were eliminated in the first round of the World Cup without a single win for the first time in 16 years, players were greeted by two men holding up a sign that read, “Korean soccer is dead!!” at the Incheon Airport.

They were there to represent the online community group “We Lost Because of You,” recently formed to promote hatred towards the team. The group now has more than 4,000 members.

As the players walked through the airport gate, the two men threw yeot candy at them. In Korea, throwing the country’s traditional pine-nut candy at someone is a vulgar gesture that equates to the saying “eat sh-t.”

“They made the Korean people eat yeot with their performance at the World Cup,” said one of the men, a 41-year-old only identified by his last name Cho. “So we’re here to return their yeot.”

Since getting eliminated last Thursday with a loss to Belgium, the Korean players have been under heavy public scrutiny.

The animosity reached its peak when Korean goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong tweeted a picture of himself just before the team departed Brazil with a brief message to thank those who supported the team. The message was removed after many people hurled jabs at Jung, saying he should have a time for “self-reflection” instead for bringing “shame” to the country.

Son Heung-min, Korea’s star forward, told reporters: “Should I eat these? I’m really sad. I feel a responsibility for not succeeding at the World Cup as a player who represents Korea. We all feel that way.”

Photo via Yonhap

Korea Radio Viewing Party Screencapture

KoreAm Video: World Cup Watch Party in Koreatown LA


KoreAm was at Koreatown L.A.’s World Cup viewing party this past Sunday when Team Korea took on Algeria in its pivotal second group stage match, which ended with heartbreak.

The viewing party was hosted in front of the lawn at the Radio Korea building on Wilshire. Watch the video to see interviews of Korean American fans who came out to support the Korean team!


Korean Translation Service To Help World Cup Tourists In Brazil

A South Korean nonprofit is ready to assist the hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists in Brazil for this year’s World Cup Soccer with real-time language assistance, according to the Associated Press.

Before Babel Brigade, or BBB Korea, started during the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan as a way to help foreigners get around without knowing the host country’s language. Much like Portuguese-speaking Brazil, neither Korea nor Japan had many locals who spoke languages fluently other than its own, but the BBB service was able to accommodate foreigners from various countries by having them call a number and get connected to a volunteer interpreter, who could then communicate directly with local restaurants, taxi drivers or doctors’ offices.

This year in Brazil, BBB has dubbed the service Rio Amigo, and it is available around the clock throughout the World Cup, which runs through July 25.  There is even a smartphone app for the service.

The service began with 2,000 volunteers providing assistance in seven language 12 years ago, but it now boasts 4,500 volunteers in 19 languages, responding to over 700 calls per day. Languages include: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Korean.

“I usually don’t turn off my cellphone, but depending on how it goes, I might end up muting it at night during the World Cup,” Alice Moreira, a 29-year-old volunteer interpreter with French-Brazilian dual citizenship, told the Associated Press. “I’m really looking forward to my first call.”

The interpreters are working pro-bono, but the project in Brazil this year cost around $89,000 for printed materials and other overhead, said AP. Korean tech company Samsung is funding the project.

The Rio number to reach an interpreter is: +55-21-3554-0304.

Photo via Getty Images.