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Announcing Award Recipients

The much-anticipated 14th Annual Unforgettable Gala, hosted by Audrey Magazine and KoreAm Journal, subsidiary of London Trust Media (LTM), is rapidly drawing near!  The event, filled with glitz and glamour, is committed to celebrate and honor outstanding Asian American achievements and contributions in the field of arts and entertainment.  The evening of festivities will take place Saturday Dec.12, 2015 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, California.


Among the honorees is Randall Park who is best known for his performances as ‘Luis Huang’ in the highly rated  ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat and as ‘Kim Jong-Un’ in Sony’s The Interview. He will be receiving this year’s Royal Salute Mark of Respect Award. The recipient of this award is selected by an esteemed committee of Asian American leaders. Park will be recognized for his accomplishments and contributions in the Asian American community.


This year’s Journalism Achievement Award will be given to Lisa Ling for her impressive work as a host and an executive producer on CNN’s This is Life. In the show she covers controversial topics such as a notorious biker gang and the pill addictions crisis in Utah. Ling has a remarkable portfolio with past works as an Executive Producer and host of OWN’s Our America, a field correspondent for the The Oprah Winfrey Show, and on ABC News’ Nightline.



Steven Yeun’s performance as Gleen Rhee on AMC’s top rated show The Walking Dead has earned him this year’s Actor of the Year Award. On the big screen, Yeun recently starred opposite Michael Pitt, Brit Marling and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey in Mike Cahill’s independent Sci-Fi Drama, I Origins, which premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film festival where it earned raves and was sold in one of the biggest deals at the festival. It was also recently announced that Yeun will star in and executive produce The Aquariums of Pyongyang, the film adaptation of Kang Chol-Hwan’s autobiography. Hwan was the first survivor of one of the brutal North Korean concentration camps to escape and tell his story to the world, documenting the extreme conditions in these gulags and providing a personal insight into life in North Korea.


This year’s Actress of the Year Award honoree is Chloe Bennet. The actress and singer first found her fame in China with her single “Uh Oh”, released in both English and Mandarin Chinese. She performed her single in the Zebra Music Festival to benefit victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.The three day music festival opened new doors for Bennet. She was featured in print and billboard advertisements and sponsored in China for Nike, Ports 1961 and Umbro. Bennet has co-starred in Nickelodeon’s The Nightlife and she currently stars in ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Eugene Lee Yang has earned this year’s Male Breakout Star Award for his exceptional work as a producer, writer, director, editor, and actor at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. His performance behind and in front of the camera has made him one of the most noticeable Asian Americans on social media. As a producer, he has earned millions of views in BuzzFeed videos, including “If Disney Princes Were Real” and “Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History”. Yang’s on camera work also includes The Try Guys, a BuzzFeed’s comedic documentary series.



Constance Wu will be awarded  with this year’s  Female Breakout Star Award for her portrayal as the strong willed and hilarious character ‘Jessica Huang’ in ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat. Wu’s performance has earned her nominations for this year’s Critics Choice Television Award for “Best Actress in a Comedy” and Television Critics Association Award for ‘Individual Achievement in Comedy’.


Click here for full biographies on this year’s award recipients.


David Tennant Joins Steven Yeun, Felicia Day in ‘Chew’ Comic Adaptation


by JAMES S. KIM | @james_s_kim

Here’s something to chew on: David Tennant will be joining Steven Yeun (not Moffat—sorry, Doctor Who fans) for an animated movie adaptation of Chew, an award-winning comic book by John Layman and Rob Guillory.

Chew Book

Chew centers on a character named Tony Chu (Yeun), a detective and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agent. Chu happens to be a “cibopath”—someone who has the ability to see the life history of everything he eats. That means he can take a bite of anything (except beets, apparently) and then receive a vivid psychic impression. In the world of Chew, bird meats are illegal after the bird flu wiped out millions of Americans.

Of course, that power isn’t limited to just food items? If Chu were to, say, take a bite out of a corpse, he’d have a pretty gross but very useful edge in closing out murder mysteries. But we’ll leave those thoughts for potential plot points.

Savoy Chu

Mason Savoy (left) and Tony Chu. (Image via Things From Another World)

Tennant will voice Tony’s partner and mentor, Mason Savoy. The role was originally planned for the late Robin Williams, reportedly a fan of the Chew series. However, production halted, and the role was recast in the wake of his death in 2014.

A.V. Club noted that Day had already recorded her part has Tony’s love interest, Amelia Mintz, whose own power allows anyone who reads her food reviews actually experience the tastes she describes.

Jeff Krelitz (Torchwood: Web of LiesPeter Panzerfaust) is directing the film adaptation and co-producing with David Boxenbaum via Heavy Metal.

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[PIC OF THE DAY] Epik High and Steve Yeun Take Selfies at ATL Concert

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

Looks like Steven Yeun is an Epik High fan. Last night, The Walking Dead star attended Epik High’s concert in Atlanta, Ga., where the AMC series is filmed, and hung out with the hip-hop trio backstage.

On June 8, Tablo uploaded a group selfie onto his personal Instagram with the caption: “Our brother Steven came to the ATL show! (In Korean) Our friend Sang Yeop, who fights Walkers #Glenn #EPIKHIGH.”

Our brother Steven came to the ATL show! 워커들과 싸우는 우리 친구 상엽이 #Glenn #EPIKHIGH

A photo posted by Tablo of Epik High (@blobyblo) on

Yeun also shared his own group selfie on his Instagram, thanking the South Korean hip-hop trio for inviting him to the concert.

thank you to the homies for the invite. #epikhigh

A photo posted by Steven Yeun (@steveyeun) on

This isn’t the first time Yeun has been spotted hanging out with the Korean hip-hop crew. The four men met each other during a flight last month and shared a group selfie on social media.

The next stop in Epik High’s 2015 North American Tour is New York City, where the group will do a two-night concert at the Best Buy Theater, starting June 12. The trio will then head to close out their tour on June 14 at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall.

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[PIC OF THE DAY] Steven Yeun Meets Epik High

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

Looks like 2NE1’s Sandara isn’t the only friend Steven Yeun has at YG Entertainment.

The Walking Dead star recently snapped a photo with South Korean hip-hop trio Epik High on an airplane ahead of the group’s North American tour. Tablo, the band’s leader, shared the photo via Twitter and Instagram over the weekend.

Surprise friends? Epik High & Steven Yeun #MYHIGHISEPIK #WALKINGDEAD

A photo posted by Tablo of Epik High (@blobyblo) on

Epik High is set to kick off their summer tour on May 28 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. Through June, the group will be be visiting several major U.S. and Canadian cities, including Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, New York City and Toronto. You can learn more info about the tour here.

Last November, Yeun and Park co-starred in a comedy mini-series produced by Be FUNNY Studios. The series follows a fictionalized version of Yeun, who abandons his girlfriend Dara behind in Los Angeles in order to become a breakout mukbang, aka “eating broadcast,” star.

You can watch the first episode of the series below:

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Steven Yeun   Conan Visit A Korean Spa   CONAN on TBS   YouTube

Steven Yeun Takes Conan O’Brien to a Korean Spa

by JAMES S. KIM | @james_s_kim

There’s never a dull moment when The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun is with the always zany Conan O’Brien. The last time Yeun appeared on Conan, he told O’Brien about how all Asians don’t look alike. Before that, Yeun explained why he used a photo of a male underwear model as his Twitter profile picture, invited the television show host to an Atlanta strip club, and even confided to O’Brien that he was ashamed of his tiny nipples.

If you thought those instances were a bit too intimate, this latest adventure between O’Brien and Yeun knocks down whatever barriers remained between them. The Korean American actor brought the TBS talk show host to Wi Spa, a Korean spa in Koreatown, Los Angeles, where they stripped to the buff for a true Korean spa experience, including a scrub-down and time in the sauna.

To his credit, when O’Brien found out that the men’s bathhouse and saunas are only traversed in one’s birthday suit, he accepted without too much complaint. Who knew he could be even paler under his shirt?

Once the men are inside the spa, things get pretty hilarious–or in the case of O’Brien’s skin, an incredibly bright shade of red. Yeun and O’Brien move from the hot tub to the steam room, talking (and hugging) with other naked Korean men, then cool off in the ice bath. They even get a full body scrub to get rid of dead skin, leading to some piercing screams from the two guests.

Back in the co-ed area of the spa, Yeun and O’Brien don the Princess Leia bun towels and doze off in a jjimjilbang, haunted by dreams of evil body scrubbers and tall naked Irish men.

“No, no, it was not fun,” a smoother-skinned O’Brien tells Yeun after it was all over. “It was painful, and I think life-shortening. I will be dead within 48 hours.”




[VIDEO] Steven Yeun Says Not All Asians Look Alike

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

Steven Yeun came on Conan last night with a mission.

“Once and for all, we don’t all look alike,” said Yeun, referring to people of Asian descent. “That’s what I’m here to tell you.”

The Walking Dead star told talk show host Conan O’brien that he was baffled by how many fans said they were mistaken for him on several occasions, despite bearing no resemblance to the actor.

“It’s wild. People will come up and [say], ‘I get mistaken for you all the time.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re 55 years old! Or you’re a 12-year-old girl. What are you talking about?'” Yeun said.

Furthermore, the Korean American actor said that when fans do recognize him, he feels compelled to not lie about his identity because he wants to break the stereotype that all Asians look the same.

He joked that he almost wants to congratulate the more observant fans by saying, “Yes, you’re right. The one Asian guy you recognize is the Asian guy that you thought it was gonna be.”

Yeun also revealed that he’s combating the stereotype by finding celebrity look-alikes of different races on Reddit. To prove his point, he presented photos of a black Matt Damon and an Asian Brad Pitt.

“So, if all Asians look alike, then Brad Pitt’s Asian,” Yeun concluded. “And I’ll take that.”


Photo courtesy of Team Coco

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TBT: Steven Yeun on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

Before Steven Yeun skyrocketed to fame for his portrayal of Glenn Rhee in AMC’s The Walking Dead, he played a supporting role in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. 

In an episode titled, “The Staircase Implementation,” Yeun plays Sheldon Cooper’s former roommate, Sebastian. He is seen leaving the elevator and advising Leonard, Sheldon’s new prospective roommate, to “run fast and far.”

You can watch the clip below:

Although the scene is brief, Yeun showcases his comedic chops and solid acting. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been almost five years since he joined the The Walking Dead cast.

Since the horror drama’s first season, Yeun’s acting career has flourished by tackling new projects, such as voicing the character Wan for the animated series Legend of Korra, executive producing and starring in the forthcoming film The Aquariums of Pyongyang and acting in a comedy web series with 2NE1’s Dara.


2NE1’s Dara and Steven Yeun Collaborate in Comedy Skit


2NE1’s Dara becomes Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun’s girlfriend in a hilarious a comedy mini-series titled, “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?”

Produced by Be FUNNY Studios, the mini-series follows a fictionalized version of Yeun, who leaves his girlfriend Dara behind in L.A. and travels to South Korea in an attempt to break into the country’s acting industry. However, upon arrival, Yeun is coerced by his new manager to start his career in Korea’s most recent viral craze, Mokbang aka “broadcast eating.”

The skit series celebrates the launch of Be FUNNY Studios, a digital studio based in Seoul and L.A. The studio was created in a partnership with Funny or Die, CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and Korea’s largest PR firm PRAIN. According to Koreaboo, the studio will feature more collaborations between Hollywood and Hallyu celebrities, and all content will be available in English and various Asian languages.

This is not the first time Be FUNNY Studios has produced a Hollywood-Asia collaboration, Soompi reports. The studio had previously teamed up with Funny or Die to create a video featuring Anna Kendrick joining SM Entertainment’s girl group f(x) as well as a walk-off between singer Rita Ora and K-pop star HyunA.

You can watch all three episodes of “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” here. To learn more about Be FUNNY Studios, follow them on Facebook and twitter.


Photo courtesy of Soompi