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korean americans on the road to fame

25 Years of KoreAm Covers: Koreans on the Road to Fame

To mark the 25th anniversary of KoreAm Journal, we’re revisiting some memorable covers from the magazine’s archives.

Take a look at some of the creative talent, athletes, influential figures, social issues and tragic events that have appeared on our cover. The panoply of images, we hope, will serve as a historical flashback, a glimpse into the people that inspired us, the issues we explored and the events that called for deeper reflection over the last 25 years.

Here are some notable Koreans who have been featured on KoreAm before they skyrocketed to stardom.


Margaret Cho (Aug. 1994): “She’s thrilled and so are her fans who are anxiously awaiting the first Asian American sitcom to ever air,” KoreAm wrote about the then-25-year-old comedienne in this Aug. 1994 cover story shortly before the debut of All American Girl.


Ahn Trio (Jan. 1998): The sister music trio is deemed by KoreAm as, “one of chamber music’s most gifted and promising young ensembles.”


Sandra Oh (July 1998): Before the Korean Canadian actress become a household name as Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy and landed a number of leading screen roles, she was on the cast of HBO’s comedy series Arli$$, which KoreAm wrote about in this July 1998 cover story.

Rick Yune (Dec. 1999)Rick Yune (Dec. 1999)

Amerie (Sept. 2002)Amerie (Sept. 2002)

Karen O. ( June 2003)Karen O. ( June 2003)

John Cho (July 2004)John Cho (July 2004)

Suchin Park (2006)Suchin Park (2006)

Yu Kwon (Feb. 2007)Yu Kwon (Feb. 2007)

Daniel Dae Kim (April 2010)Daniel Dae Kim (April 2010)

Psy (Dec. 2012)


Psy (Dec. 2012)

Stay tuned for the next chapter of “25 Years of KoreAm Covers.” We’ll be showing you various influential media and government figures who have graced our magazine’s covers.

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SuChin Pak Profiled In Microsoft-Sponsored Documentary

TV journalist SuChin Pak is keeping busy these days as founder and organizer of the Hester Street Fair in New York City’s Lower East Side.

A new short documentary, sponsored by tech giant Microsoft, takes viewers behind the scenes of the chic flea market which houses up to 60 local vendors every weekend.

Pak co-founded the street fair with her brother Suhyun and two others in April 2010.

Check out the video after the jump: Continue reading

Tweet Tweet! Some of our favorite KAs to follow on Twitter

Do you tweet? If you don’t, why not? It’s the greatest time suck research tool of all time.

There are a ton of awesome KAs on Twitter. If we made a master list, it could go on for miles.  Here are some that stand out. These twitterers are either hilarious, insightful or just all-around interesting to follow.

The founder of streetwear superbrand The Hundreds is arguably one of the funniest guys on Twitter. His daily musings are so sharp-witted and well-executed that it’s no wonder why he has a following of nearly 14,000.    Sample tweet: “Watching Dances with Wolves. This is such an Avatar rip-off but with flesh-colored people.”

The MTV News correspondent and co-anchor of “G Word” on Planet Green live-tweets her incredible assignments. She was just in Haiti reporting on the victims and heroes of the tragedy, and spreading the word on how we can help.
Sample tweet: “woman helicoptered from haiti to uss carl vinson. gives birth on deck. her son’s name? VINSON! many miracles here.”

Food blog star Sarah Gim is just as brilliant with words on Twitter as she is on her popular website The Delicious Life. Aside from what she ate (and what she wants to eat), she also tweets about day-to-day life with the self-deprecating humor her followers love.
Sample tweet: “got a message about how amazing i look in a new pic….aaand it’s a picture of my sister. ok. that’s gonna cost me two hours of therapy” Continue reading