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Video Roundup: Adele Cover, Dumbfoundead, K-pop Tot

Here’s a look at some of the videos we are watching this week at KoreAm.

15-Year-Old Korean Girl Covers “Rolling in the Deep”
On KPOP Star, an American Idol-esque reality show, teenager Park Jimin amazed the judges with her rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” BoA, J.Y.P. and Y.G. were the three judges and during the teenager’s fermata, the former two judges showed pleased reactions by applauding and cheering. J.Y.P. even made a comment about wanting to kidnap her and bring her back to his company if he could.

Sh-t Asian Girls Say
There are certain phrases and sentences that girls just seem to repeat over and over again. This video captures those priceless moments of the things Asian girls tend to say.

Dumbfoundead Spotlight
Dumbfoundead had a spot on Last Call with Carson Daly where he talked about his latest album, DFD, and his early start with freestyle and battling in L.A.

Toddler K-Pop Fan
This screaming and cheering toddler may be one of MBLAQ’s biggest fans. He jumps around as he awaits the results of that weekend’s M!Countdown winner to be announced in hopes that MBLAQ wins. Toddler Hajin has to be a huge MBLAQ fan since his uncle is Mir, the group’s rapper.

Kindergarten Students sing ‘Space Oddity’
These adorable 4- and 5-year-old South Korean kindergarteners love singing along to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” The kids read off the lyrics from the big screen to the tune of their English teacher’s guitar strumming.

2011 in Review
With only a couple of days left in 2011, Google and Yahoo create videos to show the historic year we just had. Both search engines use pictures and video clips from the biggest events and changes that occurred to recap the year.

Google’s Video:

Yahoo’s Video can be viewed here.

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Video Roundup: Dumbfoundead, Finals Freakout, Taekwondo Babies

Here are some videos we’re watching this week at KoreAm.

Dumbfoundead at Jungle Concert

Dumbfoundead drops backstage at the Wiltern Theater during Jungle Concert earlier this month and joins Tiger JK, Tasha and other members of the Jungle Family. He chats a bit with everyone and talks about hip hop’s ability to be all over the world be it Seoul, Los Angeles, or anywhere.

Asian Freakout During Finals

Finals week is one of the most stressful times of the year for students around the country. A student from Cal State Northridge lets the stress get to her when she has an episode and vents her frustrations on other students, calling for respect and quiet in the library.

Traffic Rush in Vietnam

Navigating the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is not for amateurs. The fast-pace hustle and bustle of the city is heightened once you add in the fact that the streets of Ho Chi Minh City don’t even have traffic lanes. It’s a free-for-all of cars and hundreds of motorcycles that zoom by with the goal of not running into other people. Rob Whitworth creates an amazing and beautiful time-lapse of the city’s intense traffic.

The Cutest Taekwondo Fight

The only thing more adorable than last week’s kindergarten class jamming to 70s punk rock is this Taekwondo fight between two bouncing children. Swallowed by their protective gear, the two children start off instantly, but their kicks fall just short of actually making contact with the other. The two continue to bounce around, kicking, with one of the kids spinning around trying to do fancy back kicks, making the video of these two fighters all the more adorable.

Unorthodox Japanese skateboarder

This Japanese skateboarder can do all the flippity tricks, grinds and slides but chooses not to. He uses his environment to come up with some really inventive tricks that will wow casual fans and diehards alike. The incessant boneless tricks and Rodney Mullen-esque 1980s era freestyle moves also give his tricks a decidedly retro feel.

Arcade Overachiever
This man takes trying to get a high score to a different level. Using all the basketballs from the other stalls, a man continually shoots into the hoop. His robotic free throws are mesmerizing.

K-Pop Goes Global
Korean pop, love it or hate it, is growing into a world-recognized genre. Fans for the sugary pop music can be found on all continents.

Far East Movement Surprise Taco Shop Set
FM hits up their favorite taco shop in downtown L.A. for a surprise performance of “Jello” for VEVO.

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'Soju Wanna Make A Video?' Contest Final Results

Another year, another successful video contest. A big thank you to everyone who entered and voted for the Soju Wanna Make A Video? contest!

The premise was simple: Make a commercial endorsing Hite beer or Jinro soju in a video that was no longer than 60 seconds. After receiving numerous submissions and narrowing it down to the top 10, a voting round ensued to choose the top three.

On Dec. 3, Hite/Jinro announced the winner at the 2011 KoreAm Unforgettable gala, and the top prize of $1,000 plus a private party sponsored with Hite and Jinro products went to the “Jinro/Hite Bomb” video submitted by Edward Park. The other finalists included “Hite ‘Lightweight’ Beer Ad” submitted by Billy Moon and “Soju Magic” submitted by David Elkin. Check out their videos below. All 10 finalist videos can be seen on Hite/Jinro’s Facebook page, under the ‘Videos’ tab.

We’ve had some very memorable videos in the past, including Andrew Oh’s “GOCHU (고추) – Korean Drama Spoof” from the Korean drama contest in 2009 and Myron Kim’s “One Love MV – 1TYM” for K-Pop contest in 2010. We can’t wait to see what videos come in for next year!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Winner: Jinro/Hite Bomb

Finalist: Soju Magic

Finalist: Hite ‘Lightweight’ Beer Ad


Video Roundup: Kindergarten Punk, Samsung's Tablet Concept, Pokemon

Here’s a look at some of the videos we are watching this week at KoreAm.

Kindergarten Class Singing a 70’s Classic

An adorable group of kindergarten students from the Sullivan School in Seoul, an English immersion school, belt out The Ramones’ song “Judy is a Punk.” The students jump and shout the lyrics back to their teacher, who strums the guitar for them.

Samsung’s Transparent and Flexible Tablet Concept

Samsung released a commercial for an awe-inspiring tablet concept. With a flexible and transparent AMOLED display, the tablet can be rolled up or folded up to be taken anywhere. It serves as a typical tablet that you can use to read books, watch videos, surf the Internet, communicate with hot French chicks, you know, the usual.

Two Foreigners in Korea

EBS Korea explores how Koreans treat a white tourist and a Southeast Asian tourist who are politely asking for directions. Early on, interviewees reply that there would be no difference between tourists and that natives would treat them the same regardless of race. Looking at the video, however, it is easy to see the stark difference in how the different tourists are treated.

“Lady Marmalade” by AppleGirl

Kim Yeo Hee, also known as the AppleGirl, shot up Internet stardom when a video of her singing Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” went viral. Kim used three Apple iPhones for her musical instruments when she sang “Irreplaceable” and for her latest upload, Kim uses an Apple iPad to give her own spin to the hit from the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack.

Herman Cain Quoting Pokemon

Often times, to add more to their speeches, politicians speak in quoted metaphors and sayings. These sayings may derive from the greatest literary minds, or, in Herman Cain’s case, it may come from an animated children’s movie from 2000. This video gives a side-by-side comparison of Cain’s speech and the theme song to “Pokemon: The Movie.”

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Video Roundup: Crazy Korean Drivers, Spiral Art, Rappers Unite

Here’s a look at some of the videos we are watching this week at KoreAm.

Korean Tow Truck Breaking Traffic Laws

In South Korea, a camera mounted on a Korean tow truck captures the truck’s journey to an accident scene. The truck, however, didn’t just travel to the scene, it raced at least two other trucks to the accident scene. Along the way, the truck broke an outrageous amount of traffic laws by violently racing through the streets, crossing over into the opposing lanes, running red lights, nearly hitting other automobiles among other laws.

Spiral Artwork

Chan Hwee Chong, a Singaporean artist, uses a single black line to reproduce famous artwork from all over the world. His illustrations consist of a single black line spiraled into the likeness of a particular artwork.

Coast to Coast Collaboration

Asian American rappers from across the United States come together to collaborate on a new hip hop track. The black and white music video features the rappers rhyming about everything from music, women, life and other topics. New York’s Rekstizzy (a.k.a. KoreAm contributor David “Rek” Lee), Decipher from Philadelphia and Los Angeles’ very own Dumbfoundead put their own verses and experience into the song “No Apologies.”

India’s Toughest Warriors

The Warriors of Goja prove that they are some of toughest and most resilient men in India and, probably, the world. For an Indian talent show set up similarly to “America’s Got Talent,” this group of men showcase their talent of trying to destroy themselves. The Warriors violently attack themselves and each other with bricks, florescent bulbs, sledgehammers, spikes and even cars causing the judges to gasp in horror. In the end, all the men walked away battered, bruised and bleeding but that didn’t stop their smiles. This video is not for the weak-hearted.

South Korean Lawmaker Tear-Gases Parliament

Earlier this month, a South Korean lawmaker, Kim Sun-dong, tried to prevent a vote on a trade pact with the United States by releasing tear gas into the National Assembly chamber. This video captures the moment and chaos that ensued.

Chinese Pig Walks on Front Legs

In July of the year in Mengcheng County, Anhui Province, China, this piglet was born without its two hind legs. The piglet, called “Piggy the Strong” by the local villagers ways over 30kg. and mostly travels on his two front legs.

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Video Roundup: Wonder Girls Robots, Boomerang Man, Joy Osmanski

Here’s a look at some of the videos we are watching this week at KoreAm.

Robots Dance to “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls
The “Nobody” dance by girl group Wonder Girls took the world by storm, causing all sorts of people to try out the neat choreography. Videos of police officers, soldiers and average Joes doing the famous dance sprung up on all corners of the Internet. This video shows another group doing the dance: robots. These robots are on par with the motions of the “Nobody” dance.

Gary Lee – An American Dream
Gary Lee, a graduate of USC, joined the Obama for campaign right after graduation and used his knowledge in electronic and social media to help the Senator. He shares a bit of his uplifting tale from his humble beginnings to working the the White House.Boomerang Trick Shot
A Korean man shows off his mastery of the boomerang. From knocking items off of people’s heads to striking balloons with a blindfold on, the man’s skills with the boomerang causes applause from bystanders.

Loyal Dog Guards Owner’s Grave
In eastern China, a loyal dog warms everyone’s hearts by staying beside his deceased owner’s grave, refusing to budge. The villagers would try to lead him back to the village with the food, but the dog remains near the gravesite.

Chinese Snake Charmer
Liu Fei, a snake charmer from Mianyang, China, goes above and beyond with his tricks and bag full of snakes. The elderly man can easily weave the reptiles in and out of his mouth and nostrils with complete ease.

Joy Osmanski Promotes ‘Wedding Palace’
Cast member Joy Osmanski visits Portland for the West Coast Screening Premiere of “Wedding Palace.”


Video Roundup: Chinese Lady Gaga, Asian Hairstyles, Jeopardy

Here’s a look at some of the videos we are watching this week at KoreAm.

Asian Hairstyle Tutorial

KT Tatara, a stand up comedian from Los Angeles, goes through nine different hairstyles he says all Asian men have. From the “B.O.Y.R.H.W.A.P.” to the “Virgin for Life” style.

Joon Pahk on Jeopardy
Following a strong two-week run as champion, Harvard physics professor Joon Pahk participates in the quarterfinals of Jeopardy’s tournament of champions.

Japanese Soccer Player Breaks World Record
On October 30, Ryujiro Ueda from the Fagiano Okayama team, headed a goal over 58 meters (190 feet). He broke the world record for longest headed goal.

Senior Citizens Sing a Cover of Lady Gaga
A group of retired senior citizens perform Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” in the local Changsha dialect. The group performed on Hunan TV, one of China’s most popular satellite channels.

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