The Brides of Beverly Hills with Kevin Lee

by Florence Ng

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Father of The Bride,” particularly because of Martin Short’s memorable performance as an over-the-top wedding planner. Little did I know that Short’s character, Franck Eggelhoffer, was based on Korean American celebrity florist Kevin Lee.

Set to debut tonight (Oct. 28), Lee has teamed up with TLC and Renée Strauss, the no-nonsense owner of the eponymous Beverly Hills salon, for a new reality show called “The Brides of Beverly Hills.”

“The Brides of Beverly Hills” is yet another matrimonial-themed show TLC has decided to take down its programming aisle. The unscripted series is set in Strauss’ Beverly Hills salon that serves all sorts of high-end clients from the Los Angeles area.

Lee is also no stranger to celebrity clientele, as he has previously done floral arrangements for Jennifer Aniston, Kendra Wilkinson, and Michael Jackson.

“TLC is the destination for wedding programming, and ‘The Brides of Beverly Hills’ builds on the popularity of ‘Say Yes to the Dress,’ ‘Four Weddings,’ and our other successful series,” said Amy Winter, TLC general manager, in a statement. “These brides and Renee’s business can only be found in one of the most talked-about towns in the country, and we know our audience will love this insider’s look at this premier wedding boutique.”

Check out a teaser video of the show here.

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  • Robin

    I am proud to read about my uncle, Kevin Lee. Thank you, KoreAm for covering his story.

  • Joseph

    Kevin Lee may be a talented man but it’s truly sad that he does fit the stereotype of a gay effeminate Asian male. His face looks so fake along with his hair. Can he say anything else besides “Fabulous”? LOL!

  • jstele

    “it’s truly sad that he does fit the stereotype of a gay effeminate Asian male.”

    Never heard of it.

  • Lady Ari

    I am watching Kevin on Conan right now. Yawn.
    Rude, Obnoxious, Typical Glam Boy.
    I don’t know who’s worse, Kevin, that idiot Korean in Harold and Kumar, or that truly awkward-makes- me-cringe Korean comedian who has a day job as a doctor that was in The Hangover.
    Seriously, perhaps I’m the biggest idiot cuz I’m on your site writing this and I can’t stand your mag since I could remember….are any of your “journalists” even out of junior high school? It’s worse than Audrey mag, and that’s the triple truth Ruth.

  • Louise

    I don’t understand why Kevin is in the programm of The Brides of Beverly Hills. He is looks like the fool on the hill. An unknown man that comes in and makes foolish remarks to people he doesn’t know and don’t know him. He doesn’t belong and is not really interested in de dresses the brides to be are trying on. Why is he in the programm?

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