The Gwiyomi Song
Y. Peter Kang
Author: Y. Peter Kang
Posted: April 18th, 2013
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Much like how homemade Harlem Shake videos cluttered up the interwebs in the last few months, a new viral phenomenon is breeching Korea’s borders and spreading like wildfire throughout Southeast Asia.

The culprit? The Gwiyomi Song, or The Cutie Song. As the legend goes, K-pop rapper Jung Il-hoon of BToB was on a variety show last October showing the audience the various ways Korean girls show off their aegyo, or cuteness, on camera. Peace signs, bunny ears, hand platters, puffed-out cheeks, pinky promises, you name it, this meme’s got it. Almost immediately, netizens began posting instagrams of their own versions of Gwiyomi.

Indie-pop singer Hari liked the meme so much she made a song about it and released it last February. It was naturally called, “The Gwiyomi Song.”

Since then, people (mostly girls aspiring to be cute) have been uploading their own versions online set to the music. The corniness level is off the charts for this movement and will make many readers want to vomit or at least roll their eyes. But the song is pretty catchy and the hand motions are, admittedly, kind of fun to do with your friends (if you have any). But like the Harlem Shake videos, the novelty wears off pretty darn quickly.

Original song by Hari, audio only

Gwiyomi compilation

Thai cutie

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