Thursday’s Link Attack: Asian American Faith Study, K-Pop Girl Groups, Jeremy Lin
Author: Crystal Kim
Posted: July 19th, 2012
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Survey of Asian Americans shows wide diversity of faiths
USA Today

The first comprehensive look at the religious lives of the nation’s 18.2 million Asian Americans finds most are devoted to their faith traditions — but many are disconnected from any affiliation.

Asian Americans are “the fastest-growing race group, and they are bringing with them a diversity of faiths,” says Cary Funk, senior researcher for Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, which released the report today.

World Bank Group President Dr. Jim Yong Kim at Brookings Institution
World Bank

As many of you know, I’m in my third week at the World Bank, and I’m still learning about this great institution. So, let me use this opportunity to share my early reflections in the role of the World Bank in global development today. I want to start by making two points.

First, the last decade has been very good for many, though not all, developing countries. Progress has not come easily. It was borne out of hard work, learning from success and failures, bold reforms, and strong partnerships. This decade of achievement definitely inspires optimism for the next phase of our development work.

My second point is that while we should be proud of the progress of the last decade, we must acknowledge that 1.3 billion people still live on less than $1.25 a day. This is a stain on our collective conscience. Aggressively attacking poverty is both a moral and an economic imperative. The next phase of global development will require us to address critical challenges, if we are to make progress. As a global institution with 188 member countries, the World Bank must play a pivotal role in brokering solutions to achieve a world free of poverty. But in order to succeed, the Bank must also evolve and become better.

Eng report: Crimes likely going unreported in Asian communities
Pasadena Star News (Calif.)

Either as victims or perpetrators, Asian Americans in California appear estranged from the criminal justice system, according to a new report sponsored by Assemblyman Mike Eng, D-Alhambra.

The findings could mean many crimes go unreported by Asian Americans, likely because of an unfamiliarity with the system or shame about being associated with a crime, Eng said at a press conference Wednesday.

Multiple ethnicities are often put together as one Asian group in studies, so specific trends and problems are never revealed, Eng said.

Kim eyes reform in purge of N. Korea old guard
AFP via Google News

North Korea’s young leader has been purging older generals in an attempt to curb the power of the 1.2-million-strong military and potentially open the way for economic reforms, analysts said Thursday.

North Koreans celebrate Kim Jong Eun’s promotion [Video]
Washington Post

Hundreds of North Korean soldiers danced in Pyongyang on Wednesday after it was announced that leader Kim Jong Eun had been named “marshal,” the highest rank in the country’s 1.2-million-member military.

North Koreans are prone to coordinated public displays. On April 15, the country commemorated the 100th birthday of founding president Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Eun’s grandfather, with a gymnastics and theater show. And in December, mass episodes of public crying were televised after the death of Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Eun’s father.

No More Tolerance For Alcohol-fueled Crime
Wall Street Journal

Hite-Jinro Group, the biggest maker of alcohol drinks with a 48% of market share, since last week has been labeling four kinds of soju and beer with a message that says, “No more drunken violence! Let’s improve wrong drinking culture.”

The move is line with the National Police Agency’s campaign, started in January last year, against crimes committed by habitual or chronic drinkers.

The police are trying to change perceptions about drunken violence in the belief that generous attitudes towards such violence eventually leads to serious crime.

Seoul Sausage Update: The Great Food Truck Race, Their New Restaurant + Buying Equipment with Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons
LA Weekly

The last time we talked with the Seoul Sausage guys about their new venture it was late April and owners Ted and Yong Kim and Chef Chris Oh, were busily building out their new brick and mortar space on Mississippi just off Sawtelle in Little Osaka. Then, shortly after their announcement, the trio vanished from the scene like dissipating hardwood bbq smoke. “We’ll be back in seven weeks” — was all they would say before departing. Nothing was mentioned on their website either.

By then their fans, who’d endured long lines at foodie events and street food fairs, began salivating at the prospect of a readily-available supply of the kimchi-laced Korean bbq beef sausage on a baguette slathered with garlic-jalapeno aioli and spicy pork bbq sausage under a mound of apple coleslaw.

Presenting the Seoul Patch Sports Bar and Grill
SF Weekly

We knew Seoul Patch can do some killer Korean fusion. Turns out Chef Eric Ehler knows a little something about bar food too. We love Seoul Patch for their fried chicken sando, but this Friday, Ehler is throwing down a whole new menu. Originally from the Midwest, Ehler modeled his menu on the bar menus he knows oh so well. “Bar menus are really random with different foods that don’t have any business being on the same menu. But they are,” he says.

Everybody knows your name at ‘Sullivan & Son’
Houston Chronicle

Stand-up comics have been doing TV sitcoms since the dawn of the medium, with varying degrees of success. Some made it by simply being themselves while others were able to display solid acting skills along with their ability to deliver a punch line.

Comedian Steve Byrne joins guys such as Ray Romano in the latter category with “Sullivan & Son,” a pleasant sitcom premiering Thursday on TBS.

A History of Korean Girl Bands
Chosun Ilbo

K-pop girl groups have been captivating the public with simple, catchy lyrics and fancy choreography. Since the mid-2000s, thanks to the Korean wave and K-pop fever, they have been admired elsewhere in Korea and beyond.

Asian American theater leaders react to ‘Nightingale’ controversy
Los Angeles Times

The creative team behind the musical, based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, has assembled a multicultural cast of 12 that includes two performers of Asian descent. Christopher Ashley, the artistic director of the La Jolla Playhouse, said the casting was a deliberate decision to create a mix of East and West, past and present.

“The Nightingale,” which is being presented as a workshop production, has received a barrage of negative comments on the company’s Facebook page and on various blogs. Commenters have faulted the company for failing to include more Asian or Asian American actors in a production in which the characters are Chinese.

Cammy Chung: Sweetheart of K-town
Schema Magazine (Calif.)

Cammy Chung is one of K-town’s newest cast-members and made her first appearance on the show in the second episode, which released today. So far, Steve has told us that if you cross her or rub her the wrong way, she will break your face. But he beat Cammy at a drinking contest, and she didn’t bat an eye. Read on to decide for yourself whether this K-town sweetheart has an inner beast.

Jeremy Lin and New York Knicks Part Ways: Why it Means So Much to Asian Americans (Calif.)

Will Jeremy Lin get more shots and a better opportunity to develop outside of the shadow of Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire? Perhaps. Is it stupid for the Knicks and MSG to turn their back on the young phenom when the company has gained $600 million in value since Jeremy Lin became the starter on the Knicks? Signs point to “yes.” And were there not a number of possibilities that the Knicks could have figured out to work around paying a luxury tax on Lin if he ultimately did not work out for the team? There were several.

But what’s done is done, and frankly, what upsets me the most aren’t the basketball reasons. As an Asian-American, Jeremy Lin could have done more for Asian-America being a member of the Knicks than on just about any other team in the NBA. Unfortunately, that’s a narrative we’ll likely never see again, and America is worse off for it.

Lin Fans Bemoaning Knicks Management
Bloomberg Business Week

Jeremy Lin’s exit from New York didn’t pass quietly today, with Knicks fans stunned at how quickly the team’s most popular player got away.

“This is a classic example of Knicks’ mismanagement,” Mike Kurylo, a Manhattan resident who has written the blog for the past eight years, said in a telephone interview.

Lin officially became a Houston Rocket last night after New York opted not to match a back-loaded, three-year, $25 million offer for the restricted free-agent guard.

Anthony Kim’s surgery could keep him out an entire year
Yahoo Sports

Anthony Kim, who just three years ago was supposed to be the new herald of post-Tiger golf, has had surgery on his left Achilles tendon, and is expected to be out from 9-12 months. He had injured the tendon while doing some sprint training.

Rewind to 1966: North Korea upset Italy at the World Cup

Italy have been one of football’s most successful teams since winning back to back World Cups in 1934 and 1938. However, they fell to one of the most shocking defeats in history on July 19, 1966, when they lost 1-0 to World Cup debutants North Korea.

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