Thursday’s Link Attack: Kogi’s Alice Shin, Christina Cha, Comfort Women
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Posted: May 17th, 2012
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North Koreans accused of seizing Chinese fishing boats for ransom
Washington Post

Unidentified North Koreans are demanding a payment to release 29 Chinese fishermen whose boats were seized last week, Chinese media outlets reported Thursday, in a rare public dispute between the neighbors and allies.

According to the Beijing News, armed North Koreans hijacked three Chinese vessels sailing in the Yellow Sea, between North Korea and China, on May 8. They initially asked for a ransom of $190,000 but later reduced the amount to $142,000, the newspaper reported.

Alice Shin: Curbing Our Appetite
LA Weekly

When Alice Shin’s brother-in-law phoned her to say that he’d gotten his hands on a truck they could use to begin peddling tacos filled with Korean-style barbecued meats, as they’d discussed late one night on an East L.A. street curb, Shin looked to a deck of tarot cards. All of the cards turned up except for two, so she agreed to get on board with what would soon be known as “Kogi.”

Posters Celebrate Asian American Masculinity, From George Takei to Jeremy Lin

The “Manhood” poster series was created by artist, and San Francisco native, Deborah Enrile Lao as a way to inspire young Asian American boys and men. The series consists of screen printed posters of five iconic Asian American men—Richard Aoki, George Takei, Jeremy Lin, Bruce Lee and DJ Qbert.

Christina Cha Survivor: One World Interview — ‘I Was Totally Playing The Game’
Reality TV Magazine

[Cha] said that she was “totally playing the game” even though the show made it seem as if she had no clue what was happening around her.

K-pop fever hits Bay Area ahead of concert
KGO-TV (San Francisco, Calif.)

The same Korean pop culture trend that’s sweeping Asia is now taking hold in the Bay Area. K-pop — Korean girl and boy bands — are about to rock the music scene in the Bay Area next week. A ticket giveaway brought out hundreds of fans Wednesday.

Koo wants to honor ‘comfort women’
Queens Chronicle (N.Y.)

Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) would like to honor the “comfort women” of World War II with either a memorial or street renaming if he can get a consensus from the Korean community.

Comfort women were young females taken by the invading Japanese forces to service the troops. Up to 200,000 young females from China, Korea and other occupied areas were forced into complying.

Koo got the idea for a memorial after attending a symposium held at the Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives on the Bayside campus of Queensborough Community College last December. The center brought together two Holocaust survivors living in Queens with two comfort women survivors from Korea.

S. Korean “goose fathers” so lonely they keep flies

Unlike his colleagues at a Korean city office, Choi Chang-young dreads the end of each workday, when he is forced to return to his empty, echoing house.

“I feel a deep sense of loneliness since neither my wife nor my kids are waiting for me,” the 45-year-old administrator said of his home in the city of Cheongju, 120 km (75 miles) south of the capital Seoul. “There is only total darkness.”

Recent Trends in Korean Language Study
Korea Economic Institute

Going to Korea to learn Korean has become significantly more popular in recent years. But despite the growth in numbers, interest among U.S. citizens still appears to be relatively weak, according to statistics from the Korean Ministry of Justice.

In 2010, nearly 18,000 people — 17,880 to be exact — were in South Korea for the sole purpose of learning Korean. That’s nearly double the number of people who were there for the same reason just four years prior in 2006, the first year the ministry started keeping such figures. (The “D-4-4” visa for Korean language learners was introduced in 2006, and was changed to the “D-4-1” visa in 2009.)

South Korea drop Arsenal striker Park Chu-Young
AFP via Google News

South Korea on Thursday dropped Arsenal striker Park Chu-Young for next month’s World Cup qualification games, amid controversy over his move to delay military service.

Park was not named in the squad for a friendly against Spain in Switzerland on May 30 or for the qualification games for the 2014 Brazil World Cup — away to Qatar on June 8 and home to Lebanon on June 12.

The 26-year-old has come under fire for delaying his compulsory military service by obtaining a 10-year residency visa for Monaco last year, when he played for AS Monaco.

12 Ways Asian Clipboard Guy Says You’re Not On the Guestlist

In the world of the Asian night club, only the most Asian can enter. And who enforces this rule? One man, wieldng nothing but the guest list clipboard. So when he popped up in this Fox news clip condemning Circle nightclub in NYC, we had to bring you other instances of the man, up close, personal, and always judgmental. ARE YOU ON THE GUEST LIST?

10 best Korean restaurants in Seoul

We all know Korean food is good. Here are ten Korean restaurants — with the visuals, ambience and incomparable tastes — where it’s even better.

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