Thursday's Link Attack: NK Hackers, K-Pop Hits Europe

North Korean hackers hired to attack South Korea game network

More than 30 North Korean hackers were hired to work in China by a South Korean crime ring to steal the personal data of South Korean gamers, and channeled $5 million to their impoverished country in compensation, South Korea’s police said on Thursday.

Wanted: Telegenic Aid Workers
The Wall Street Journal (blog)

You know a craze is out of control when the government starts joining in.

South Korea’s obsession with reality shows has clearly struck a chord with policymakers, who are planning to select around 80-90 international aid workers through a televised audition.

Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan broke the news via Twitter in June and the MBS TV network said recently it’ll air 8 episodes of “KOICA’s Hope” from mid-September. KOICA refers to Korea International Cooperation Agency, which implements and monitors Korea’s overseas assistance programs.

Korean Wave starts lapping on Europe’s shores
AFP via Google News

South Korea’s pop music industry is eyeing Europe after taking East Asia by storm, with promoters using the power of the Internet to lure distant fans.

K-pop over the past decade has established a devoted fan base in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, with heartthrobs like Rain and boy bands like TVXQ packing out concerts and topping charts.

Music industry executives were surprised by the positive response to two sold-out concerts held in Paris last June.

“The response from European fans totally stunned us,” said Kim Young-Min, CEO of SM Entertainment. “Now we feel more confident that we can take a plunge in the European market, albeit step by step.”

Sacramento murder trial defendants linked to shanks in jail cake
Sacramento Bee

A cartoonlike plot to pass weapons around the downtown jail in a yellow cake with chocolate frosting came to light Tuesday in a pretrial hearing for two brothers accused of carrying out a fatal hit on a state prison officer.

Chong Vue had the cake in his cell and asked a sheriff’s deputy to take it to his younger brother, Gary, in another section of the jail, according to testimony at a security hearing before their upcoming murder trial.

Premier League’s newest Korean scores first goal
The Korea Times

The Premier League’s newest Korean Ji Dong-won scored his first goal for the club Wednesday in Sunderland’s 3-0 win in a pre-season friendly with Darlington.

With his first strike since signing with Sunderland on June 30, the 20-year-old raised hopes to be named as a starter in the season opener against Liverpool on Aug. 13.

Your new caffeine fix: Cookies
Los Angeles Times (blog)

It might be painful, but just for a second, imagine skipping your morning coffee. Gasp! For some, having that morning cup of coffee is not only a ritual, it’s a godsend. And when time is short, sometimes adding a bite to eat is out of the question.

Esther Kang, the owner of Batch from Scratch, a Los Angeles-based bakery offering gourmet sweets, is hoping you’ll turn to them for your all-in-one morning fix. Her online bakeshop features two new caffeinated cookies meant to give you a sugary treat and your morning coffee kick: the cardamom caramel macchiato cookie and the Mayan chocolate inferno cookie.

N.Korea Picks New U.S. Partner for Mt. Kumgang Tourism
Chosun Ilbo

A Korean-American businessman claims he has signed a deal with North Korea to operate tours to the scenic Mt. Kumgang resort. South Korea’s Hyundai Asan previously operated the tours there until they were halted in the wake of the fatal shooting of a South Korean tourist at the resort.

Koreans seek honors for fireman killed saving cat
AFP via Google News

A fireman who died while trying to rescue a cat has sparked an outpouring of sympathy among South Koreans, with many demanding he should be laid to rest in the national cemetery.


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