Thursday’s Link Attack: North Korea, Bill Gates, K-pop Love
Author: Jessica Yoon
Posted: January 12th, 2012
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‘Eternal leader’ Kim’s body to be enshrined
AP via Google News

North Korea said Thursday it will enshrine Kim Jong Il’s body in the palace housing his father, the national founder, deepening its veneration of the Kim dynasty as the country transfers power to a third generation of the family.

Ahn Meets Gates, And The Oddity Goes On
Wall Street Journal

Ahn Chul-soo, the software businessman who the Korean media think will run for president even though he says he’s not running for anything, met with Bill Gates on Wednesday in Seattle for tips about setting up the charitable foundation he recently announced.

Kayla Ann Villanueva: I moved to Korea for K-Pop

Growing up on a quiet farm in rural Indiana, I never dreamed about living anywhere other than in the American Midwest.

In high school, my small group of friends and I were quite absorbed by our anime obsession. We gathered together, had sleepovers, watched countless different series, and squabbled about anime for several years.

My fixation continued as I attended a small, local university. I spent most of my first semester’s free time catching up on the latest subtitled shows and discussing them with my friends.

Margaret Cho Rightfully Loses Her Sh-t

by Margaret Cho

I have some wonderful new tattoos on my ass by the incredible Cris Cleen, who I love, and I posted a picture of them on Twitter, which got many favorable comments — but there were two negative ones, and I blew a f-cking gasket. I screamed out loud and tracked the perps down and blocked them, but not before really ramming it to them in the strongest language I could use. It was over the top and really kind of ridiculous, but I cannot help myself.

Macho soldiers of the South Korean Special Warfare Forces undergo torture training
Herald Sun

South Korea prides itself on its military might.

With its soldiers of the special warfare forces undergoing gruelling training in some of the harshest conditions imaginable, their reputation as one of the most elite armed forces in the world appears to be well deserved.

The pictures symbolise a show of strength of the South Korean warfare forces, who face a new era after the death of Kim Jong-il. Kim was succeeded by his youngest son Kim Jong-un.

Becoming Mr. Kim
Now Toronto

There’s nothing like seeing a terrific actor connect with a fantastic part, one that shows him or her off like never before.

That happened last summer when Paul Sun-Hyung Lee seized the role of the proud Korean-Canadian owner of a Regent Park convenience store in Ins Choi’s breakthrough Kim’s Convenience.

Korean baseball: Brand new Asian flavor
Arizona Daily Star

Eighteen hours after the Hanwha Eagles boarded an airplane in Incheon, South Korea – after stops at LAX, Sky Harbor and a bus ride from Phoenix to Tucson – they settled into their rooms at the midtown Doubletree Hotel.

Danny Lee turns to Aussie coach
TVNZ (New Zealand)

New Zealand’s Danny Lee has turned to Australian coach Steve Bann as he suits up for his rookie season on the US PGA Tour.

On the advice of KJ Choi, who has long been coached by the Australian, Lee has hired Bann to simplify and streamline his approach to golf hoping to gain an edge.

North Korea Open to Talks on Nuclear Program
New York Times

North Korea indicated on Wednesday that it was open to further negotiations with the United States, which it said demanded a halt of its uranium-enrichment program in return for food aid before the death of Kim Jong-il last month.

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