Video Roundup: Easy Sushi, North Korean Girl Group, Whopper with 1000 Cheese Slices
Author: Linda Son
Posted: July 13th, 2012
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Here are some videos we’re watching this week at KoreAm.

Shushezi Sushi Maker
Do you ever have a hard time neatly packing the rice and filling in a roll of sushi? Your problems can be solved with the Shushezi, a device that squirts out neatly packed sushi filling, ready for you to roll.

Toshiba Windows Tablet Get Unstressed With Lucy
This ad for the Toshiba Windows Tablet looks like a Saturday Night Live skit with its camera movement, blatant product placement and awkward jokes, but it’s the real deal. This ad, along with others, were apparently recorded in English and French for Canada, and uploaded on YouTube before being made private.

Aubrey Sings Adele’s “Someone Like You”
Aubrey Anderson, the adorable actress from “Modern Family,” sings Adele’s “Someone Like You” from her car seat. Aubrey plays the character Lilly, a Vietnamese adopted daughter of gay couple Cam and Mitchell. In real life, Aubrey is the half-Korean daughter of adoptee and comedienne Amy Anderson.

Blindfolded Chinese Acrobat Survives Falling Off Tightrope
Chinese Dawa Zi Acrobat, Aisikaier, is a sixth-generation tightrope walker and recently, he did what all tightrope walkers feared: he fell. While blindfolded, the acrobat fell, caught himself, but then fell again with only 130 feet to go. He miraculously survived the fall.

HeeTalk Show (On The Road) – Episode 1 with Colton Dixon
Heejun Han, the American Idol singer who stole Jennifer Lopez’s heart, kicks of his vlog, HEETALK, on the road to Kansas City. Heejun speaks with fellow contestant Colton Dixon.

Whopper With 1000 Slices of Cheese
Mr. Sato from Rocket News, called Burger King and asked them to put 1,000 slices of cheese on his whopper. After Mr. Sato asked the same Burger King to put 1,050 strips of bacon on his burger months before, they obliged to his request. This video shows Mr. Sato trying to consume as much as he can before he gives up and divides the cheese between coworkers.

North Korea Showcases Its Own ‘Girl Band’
A newly-created Moranbong troupe was featured on North Korean Central TV on Monday. The channel showed various groups of female singers and musicians in early to mid-20s dressed in mini skirts, high heels, or off-the-shoulder tops. The show was attended by Kim Jong-un.

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