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Musical Martial Arts

It's not difficult to spot great dancers in Korea, especially since K-Pop has its fair share of talented movers and shakers. Although they are good at dancing, it is...
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Scared Sh-tless

Anticipation and fear can transcend any language or culture, as we can tell with this video of a young woman’s reaction to one of Taiwan’s steepest roller...
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Kina Grannis' Amazing Jelly Bean Video

The latest video by YouTube darling Kina Grannis is an entertaining combination of soothing folk/pop, stop-motion animation and modified corn starch. The latter is one...
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Hines Schools Teammates In Ballroom Dancing

Pittsburgh Steelers football players Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu appear in a new Head and Shoulders shampoo commercial but took some time out from filming to practice...
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Pizza Is Ours!

This is a very amusing faux documentary created by Korean pizza giant Mr. Pizza in which historians and conspiracy theorists allege that pizza was stolen from...
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Baseball Fan Chucks Daughter To Get Home Run Ball

A baseball fan in Taiwan went all-out to catch a home run ball, flinging his young daughter into the row in front of him in order to snag a dinger. FAIL! Not only did...
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North Korea Party Rock Anthem ft. Kim Jong Il

Here's a pretty funny video of those wacky North Koreans set to the summer's hottest dance anthem! Yes, watch soldiers goose-step 25 abreast to LMFAO's "Party Rock...
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Dumbfoundead and Knocksteady Get An 'Intern'

This is a really funny sketch that the crew at hip hop portal Knocksteady put together as a clever way to raise money. Directed by Jay Ahn in the faux...
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