Wednesday’s Link Attack: North Korea, Dia Frampton, Will Yun Lee
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Posted: May 2nd, 2012
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4.29 사이구 Plus 20: The Ricochet from LA
Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal calls KoreAm’s oral history of the L.A. Riots by Eugene Yi “gripping reading.”

Unity Declaration Marks 20th Anniversary of Riots
Rafu Shimpo

Twenty years later, the atmosphere in Koreatown was calm as community leaders gathered at Robert F. Kennedy School to present a statement of unity. Held in conjunction with the “Diversity Is Our Strength” 4.29 Center Essay Contest organized by the Korean American Coalition, this was one of several events marking the anniversary.

Exclusive: U.S., allies urge sanctions for North Korea firms; China resists

The United States, European Union, South Korea and Japan have submitted a list of about 40 North Korean companies to the U.N. Security Council’s sanctions committee for possible blacklisting due to Pyongyang’s recent rocket launch, envoys said on Tuesday.

The committee, which includes all 15 Security Council members, received an initial response from China that it would only consent to adding two entities to the U.N. list of banned North Korean firms, which the United States and its allies see as too few, envoys told Reuters on the condition of anonymity.

‘North Korea jamming’ hits South Korea flights

Jamming signals thought to be from North Korea have affected GPS navigation on at least 250 flights, South Korean officials say. Nine South Korean and nine foreign airlines have been affected since Saturday, the Transport Ministry said. The flights had to rely on alternative navigation systems but were in no danger, the ministry added. The South has accused the North – with which it remains technically at war – of similar incidents in the past.

N. Korea believed to have enriched uranium for up to 6 bombs: expert
Yonhap News

North Korea is believed to now have enough large stocks of weapons-grade highly enriched uranium for up to six bombs, a nuclear expert at the South Korean government said Wednesday, amid growing concerns that the North may be ready for a new nuclear test.

North Korea’s small pool of mobile phones pose a big political threat
The Globe and Mail

Despite these risks, North Koreans are becoming increasingly connected to the world beyond their hermit kingdom, where most foreign media are banned and the Internet is virtually inaccessible.

Rapid growth in the use of mobile telephones is aiding the flow of information, and creating severe challenges for North Korea’s rulers. Experts say it could gradually undermine both Kim Jong-un’s police state and his propaganda machine.

Travels in the Empire of Kim Jong Un
Spiegel Online (Germany)

North Korea may have a new leader, but it still has many of the same old problems. Despite efforts to modernize the capital Pyongyang ahead of 100th birthday celebrations for Kim Il Sung, the country still suffers from shortages of food, electricity, heat and hope.

DEA ‘accidentally’ left forgotten suspect in cell
San Diego Union-Tribune

A drug suspect was taken to a federal holding facility and “accidentally left in one of the cells” last month until he was found with methamphetamines and taken to the hospital, the Drug Enforcement Administration said Monday. The suspect was “left” on April 21, according to the agency. The paramedics were called on April 25, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department confirmed.

Ninth Circuit Says Yoo Is Immune from Torture Claims
Wall Street Journal

One of the legal architects of the harsh methods used in the Bush administration to interrogate suspected terrorists is immune from a lawsuit by a U.S. citizen who said he was tortured while detained in a military brig, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday.

China, South Korea Start Talks on Free-Trade Pact

China and South Korea are starting discussions toward reaching a free-trade agreement and want to establish the accord as early as possible, Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said.

The first round of talks will take place this month, Chen said at a briefing in Beijing today with South Korean Trade Minister Bark Tae Ho. The two countries’ goal is to lift trade to $300 billion in 2016, Chen said.

Intense Heat, But No Light, in Japan-Korea Hydrographic Battle
The Wall Street Journal

Unable to agree on what to call that body of water, delegates from the two East Asian neighbors have come home bruised but unbowed from last week’s meeting of the International Hydrographic Organization In Monaco.

The issue there was whether the world’s map makers would continue to call the body of water the “Sea of Japan,” as Tokyo wanted, or also label it the “East Sea,” as Seoul had been requesting. For weeks before — and then during– the meeting on the sunny Riviera, diplomats and maritime officials from Tokyo and Seoul had thrown uncharacteristically harsh words at each other.

The distance traveled to find family, measured in paper cranes
Anchorage Daily News

Smith was born in South Korea. Beyond that, she knows very few facts about the way her life began.

“I know I had a young single mother, and that’s it,” she said.

Smith imagines there was turmoil for her biological mother, maybe in her country or with her family or in her relationship. She went to a foster home as a newborn. At 4 months old, she winged her way to her family in the U.S. through an international adoption. That’s a fact of her life. Until lately she hadn’t given it much thought.

Adoptee rallies support for single mothers
Korea Times

They say an activist’s work is never done. For Jane Jeong Trenka, an advocate for Koreans adopted abroad, the adage couldn’t ring truer.

Trenka, head of the Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community of Korea (TRACK) and a Korean adoptee herself, is now focusing her attention on single mothers, who she says face societal hurdles here that push them to resort to adoption.

Tribeca Film Acquires ‘For Ellen,’ Starring Paul Dano
The Hollywood Reporter

Tribeca Film has acquired North American rights to writer/director So Young Kim’s drama For Ellen, which stars Paul Dano as an aspiring rock star trying to reconcile with his young daughter. The cast also includes Margarita Levieva, Jon Heder, Jena Malone and newcomer Shaylena Mandigo.

Tribeca Film plans a fall release in select theatrical markets, beginning Sept. 5 at New York’s Film Forum. The movie also will be released via On Demand platforms on a variety of video-on-demand offerings as well as through iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Xbox and Samsung Media Hub.

Role Playing More Than a Game in South Korea
The Peninsula via Korea Economic Institute

Imagine Seoul, a city where there is a 24-hour PC room on almost every street, filled with people of various ages who stay there from anywhere to a few hours to over a day. South Korea is a country where celebrities aren’t just movie stars and singers, but are also pro-gamers, such as Lim Yo-Hwan (aka Slayers_BoxeR), who earns around US $400,000 a year. In addition to celebrity pro-gamers, as of 2002, many of Korea’s major companies, such as SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics, began to sponsor teams to compete in pro-matches and tournaments, some of which reached audiences of 120,000 on-site and over 1,000,000 through online streaming.

Citibank Korea globalizes all ATMs … spending money in Korea now even easier

Banking in Korea just got more convenient for foreign travelers who bank with Citibank. First time travelers to the country are often bewildered by how difficult it is to find an ATM that accepts their foreign card for cash withdrawals, as most local ATMs don’t accept them and “global ATMs” can be found only at a few select locations throughout the country.

Due to a steady and large influx of inbound travelers to Korea, and the forecast of millions of visitors expected to arrive for the Yeosu World Expo opening on May 12, Citibank Korea has decided to globalize every ATM at all of its 220 branches in the country.

Anthony Kim tries to shake injuries, struggles
USA Today

Hidden from the view of spectators and his peers, Anthony Kim hit several bags of balls Tuesday behind the palm and oak trees that frame the short-game practice area at Quail Hollow Club. In search of a swing and confidence before Thursday’s start of the Wells Fargo Championship, the seclusion was a perfect fit for a man whose game is lost at the moment.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen. You saw me hit a shank, right?” Kim said. “I didn’t want to hit over there and have people say I’m hurt again. I wanted to get in a mind-set of being alone and being on a golf course.”

Ex-Bulldog Hines Ward hopes to catch on as analyst
Florida Times-Union

Hines Ward could be offering up football commentary on TV before he coaches any football.

The former Super Bowl MVP wide receiver was back in Athens on Monday to play in the Stadion Classic Celebrity Pro-Am with Bulldogs offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, just days after Ward huddled with TV network honchos about a possible future in broadcasting.

The Training Diary of Will Yun Lee : Episode 2
Channel APA

Hollywood star Will Yun Lee continues his Training Diary documentary. He explores pieces of his past and the things around him that keep him motivated and grounded. In episode 2 entitled “Ties That Bind”, Will Yun Lee draws parallels to his acting career and his father’s passion to train others in martial arts. See how he’s used martial arts to stay focused and driven to succeed. Watch his inspiring story HERE.

Dia Frampton and Kid Cudi: “Don’t Kick the Chair”
NBC The Voice’s YouTube

Season 1 runner-up Dia Frampton teams with Kid Cudi on “Don’t Kick the Chair.”

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