Wednesday's Link Attack: Smart Vacuum, Air-Conditioned Jackets

Robo-vac, bouncing blender in design finals

A South Korean industrial designer is one of eight finalists in Electrolux’s Design Lab 2011 competition with a sleek robotic vacuum, according to CNET. Gyu-Ha Choi, a student at Handong Global University designed the Robo TAP Cleaner, which improves upon current automatic vacuums by giving users more control.

Robo TAP makes use of an indoor positioning system as it follows its own route to vacuum household floors. But when you want it to pay attention to a particularly dirty spot, you just tap your foot twice to summon it.

All you need is a slender remote tucked into your footwear to get its attention. Three taps return it to its previous routine. And if you click your heels together, you get whisked back to Kansas.

Teenager arrested for necrophilia
Korea Herald

A male teenager was arrested Wednesday for sexually violating the corpse of a woman who had fallen from an apartment following an apparent suicide.

The 16-year-old high-school student told police that he wanted to see “what would happen.”

The incident happened in an apartment complex in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province on Monday.

‘Air-conditioned clothes’ help Japan beat heat
AFP via Google News

As jackets go it looks far from fashionable, but its Japanese maker cannot meet sky-rocketing demand for “air conditioned” coats with built-in fans.

Kuchofuku Co. Ltd — whose name literally means “air-conditioned clothing” — has seen orders soar amid power shortages in Japan after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Steven Yeun of “The Walking Dead” Previews New Season

Seoul mulls women-only subway carriage
The Korea Times

Seoul subways may have women-only compartments at night to prevent sexual harassment.

Whether the idea can be implemented remains questionable, as similar plans were scrapped in the past following opposition not only from men but also women.

Seoul City said Wednesday that it is considering conducting the pilot operation of a women-only section on subway Line No. 2 at night starting September.

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