Wonder Woman's New Look



After wearing those same ‘ol star-spangled bootie shorts for the past 69 years, Wonder Woman has a new wardrobe, thanks to the artistic hand of Jim Lee. To celebrate the 600th edition of the monthly series, DC Comics has given the iconic superheroine a more conservative look, trading the sultry red boots for sensible pants and covering her bare arms with a jacket. Lee, who was named co-publisher of DC in February, described the original costume as “the American flag brought to life.” He explained to the New York Times that “this one is a little more universal.”

Of course, everyone is a fashion critic. The new outfit has been panned by many writers, who’ve said Wonder Woman has lost her identity or that she looks like she’s ready for Goth Day at the Glendale Galleria.

What do you think? I gotta say, I think I liked the original ensemble. I mean, I’m not gonna wear pants and a jacket on Halloween!

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  • redbully

    I wanted to say that hollywood needs to effe off and stop butchering the classics…but since Jim Lee drew it, I won’t be snarky about it..

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